Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Coloristiq Box number 2

Coloristiq is a subscription box for your nail polishes. Only the thing that is different is that you are only renting the bottles so you send them back and have them placed by new shades to try out. It's a great way to try out some colours you wouldn't normally want to spend the price of a full bottle on. It means you aren't taking up space with bottles of polishes you never wear. I'm terrible for this, I'm such a hoarder! And I love rating myself to a new nail polish so this is a great solution for me!


This is my second box so I wanted to share the shades I tried out.

Like my first box my 3 nail polishes were all by China Glaze though Coloristiq do stock other brands such as OPI, Essie and Morgan Taylor.


The first shade to catch my eye was 'One Track Mind'. It's a beautiful blue with an excellent shine to it. With 2 coats it's almost navy but it's got a really vibrant cobalt blue tone that really shines through.

The next shade is 'Innocence' - A pale pink that's very sheer and could even be used for a french manicure with one coat. I built up enough colour by 3 coats which made it almost opaque and a lovely feminine pink shade.


The last shade is 'What Are you A-Frieght of?'. It's a dark brown/plum shade which is extremely glossy. I think I would have preferred this one a couple of months ago as it's a bit dark for my liking now. It is very easy to wear as it only needs one coat so a little goes a long way.

I'm eager to see what is in my next box and I'm hoping to try out a couple of the other brands available. I've added a couple more shades to my wish list and also a couple ticked the 'Priority' box next to the ones that I'd really like to try soon. 

I'm feeling like Spring is on it's way -even if the weather doesn't say so! So I'd like to try some brighter shades next time

Have you tried Coloristiq? 
What are your thoughts on a nail polish rental box?



  1. China Glaze do such great shades! I like the darkest shade but as you said it's more of a winter colour xx

    Magpie Jasmine

    1. I really love the nail polishes, they have a lovely finish!

  2. I love the idea of this nail polish rental box! It saves you from having loads and loads of shades and you can get an idea as to what are your favourite shade. I really do love the three China Glaze shades you mentioned. Beautiful! :) SugarPlumPosts.

    1. It's a great concept isn't it? China Glaze are a really great brand too