Friday, 30 January 2015

Vinnebago Flask Review

I was sent the Vinnebago to review and it was just in time for my health kick! I had vowed to drink more water and I’ve been keeping it up pretty well. I have an obsession with eating ice cubes and we have a Virgin pure water unit in our flat so my water is ice cold. Needless to say I like my water more than chilled!


When on the go this can be tricky. I carry a bottle of water with me but it won’t stay cold for long so I either have to drink warm water or spend money on a bottle of Evian.

The sealed flask keeps drinks cold for 25 hours, and when I say cold I mean ‘really’ cold.

It’s going to be amazing in the Summer for evening BBQ’s. It fits 750ml which is the size of a bottle of wine and it really keeps the contents really chilled for a long time. There’s no need to keep it in the fridge.

It is a bit bulky but it does mean that you can have enough water for you to last the day without topping it up. I really like the design as its like a cocktail shaker so it even looks nice sat on the side and I don’t feel I have to hide it away. I often worry about drinks leaking in my bag but I carried this around London all day and there was no leaking at all.

It’s not just great for keeping your drinks cold. I tried it out with a cup of tea and it kept it cold for hours. The claim is that it lasts 12 hours but I’ve never left tea in there that long. But from what I’ve seen I believe its true. I left my tea in there for 5 hours and it was still like it had just been made when I went to drink it!


Sam’s been taking his drinks to work and he’s found it really great for taking to the gym after work too.

For anyone planning long car journeys, winter walks, picnics, camping holidays or BBQ’s over the next few months, this is going to be great.

You can get one yourself from Firebox, John Lewis, Lakeland and Debenhams 


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  1. Ooh this would be good for barbeques! Ice cold Pimms for me though, I hate wine. I tend to drink about 3 litres a day, especially if I gym, so I don't think it would be practical for me as I'd have to refill it but I do love the sound of it!

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