Friday, 23 January 2015

Sniffy Wiffy

Back in November I attended  the Bloggers Hub. It was full of great brands and one that really stood out to me was Sniffy WiffyThe name straight away implies there's some great smells involved, which is definitely the case!


They make a range of body lotions which not only smell fantastic, they remind you to check your breasts for abnormalities. Giving yourself a breast examination is best done on slippery skin so the lotions are perfect. There are instructions on the label which explains how it should be done correctly so you really have everything you need to keep your health in check.

I was kindly given an Orange Blossom hand cream to take home with me which has a lovely fresh citrus scent. All types of scents are catered for, there's sweet scents (the dark chocolate one is great!) floral, or fruity and they are always coming up with new ones to try. Though if you prefer, there is a fragrance free option too.


Their home made lotions are made of only 5 ingredients so they are kept very simple and they are fresh to order too.

 Along with hand creams they also make massage oils, body lotions and body scrubs. There's now a range for men too which reminds them to check their testicles which also includes instructions on how to do it properly.


There is also the option to personalise your gift with a Happy Valentines Day/ Mothers Day/ New Mummy/Get Well Soon tags (to name a few!) and they can even arrange your wedding favours which is an excellent idea.

The company is run by such a passionate couple with a great business idea, and they help a really great cause too! 

But the goodness doesn't stop there, these lovely people donate to Coppafeel from every female product sold and to Ball Boys for every item from the male range.


With Valentines Day coming up I think these make great presents for your loved one as it's a lovely treat and you're making sure they take care of their health too.

The products range from £6 to £25 so head over to Sniffy Wiffy and have a look for yourself.



  1. Just checked out their website, I'll definitely be buying something! Xx

    1. you should, there's some really great scents!

  2. This would be a lovely Vday present, I don't usually buy hand creams so would be delighted to receive this :)