Sunday, 18 January 2015

Gosh Velvet Touch Lipsticks

GOSH's Velvet Touch lipsticks are definitely right up my street. A great shade selection, excellent pigmentation and a great price. 

These particular shades are from the Spring/Summer 2014 collection. They are great colours for me - a couple of nudes, a pink and a bright red. These are basically the shades I go between from day to day- saving berry shades for night time. I always have a nude lipstick in my bag, it's just so versatile and goes with everything. I wear a pink if I feel I need brightening up and a red is bright shade is great to cover up when I'm not feeling 100%

156 Romance, 162 Nude, 158 Yours Forever, 155 Innocent, 161 Sweetheart

Gosh lipsticks are really creamy and feel so good on your lips.  The added vitamin E and vegetable oils makes them really moisturising which is something I look for in a lipstick during these winter months. I love their packaging too, very sleek and they look a lot more expensive than they are. The one thing I'm most impressed with the pigmentation, the colour payoff is excellent!


My favourite of the bunch is definitely 'Romance', I've been wearing it a lot. It's such an east colour to just swipe on and go and although it's quite sheer it gives a nice pop pf  colour for day-to-day wear. 'Yours Forever' is a close second, such a gorgeous red with the most excellent colour pay off. They all have a lovely shine to them and I'll definitely be adding a few more shades of the velvet touch lipsticks to my collection.

Superdrug sell these beauties for £6.49 each and they are currently buy one get one half price too!

Have you tried these lipsticks before?
What are your favourites?



  1. You gotta love Gosh. In Denmark these lippies are about £9 So definately a great Price Superdrug has going. I find it strange though that they are more expensive in Denmark considering it's a Danish brand, but oh well. My favorite Shades are 162 and 161 I wear 161 all the time. I do also have 155 but it does not suit me as well. I love how creamy they are. They feel amazing on the lips.

    Loevens makeup rambles

  2. love the look of these! I love GOSH as a brand, haven't bought any of their products in ages so might have to give these a try x
    Sarah x