Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Gemporia Ring

I don't wear  a lot of jewellery, it was such a massive issue for me to get my ears pierced when I was 16 (I had to wait til then and I'm glad I did) but even then I didn't really wear earrings all that much, come to think of it I'm sure the holes must have healed up or something! 


I wear a necklace from time to time, the odd bracelet and I have one ring that I haven't taken off since I was a high school. But given the choice of a new piece of jewellery, a ring is what I would go for. I' m always painting my nails so it's nice to have something else to jazz up my hands!

When I was lucky enough to be given the chance to feature one of Gemporia's beautiful rings I was really overwhelmed by how pretty they all were! 
There's so many gems of different colours, shapes and sizes and each and every one dazzled me. I'm a complete magpie when it comes to rings, if I ever see an engagement ring that isn't sparkly I get a little sad inside!

Because they don't have to pay for store rental and they carefully control the design and production of their jewellery they can keep their prices really competitive. They're on average 57.5% cheaper than any high street jeweller. 

Gemporia believe that beautiful jewellery shouldn’t cost the earth, nor should it be mass produced or run of the mill. They only use genuine gemstones and precious metals to make their jewellery in limited runs. They also work closely with The Equal World Foundation to aid communities where gemstones are found.

They say-
 "Our aim is to be original, inspiring and ethical."
I was sent this 9K gold ring from the Jacque Christie collection,  featuring 1.88cts of amazing Citron Feldspar from Madagascar. The size is perfect and it certainly has the bling factor I look for and I was immediately inspired to paint my nails with a little sparkle.



I used two coats of Essie 'Cocktail Bling' which is a blue toned grey which I really think compliments the yellow Citrine gemstone. Anything with the word 'bling' in the name was going to work with this really! To emphasise the sparkle of the ring I added a couple of coats of  'Greed' by GOSH down one side of the nail so the grey still showed through to make the yellow really 'pop'.


I was set their smallest size available as my fingers are tiny but they cater or size J-Z. Rings are delivered in a lovely little pouch but there is an option to add a box for £1.95 if you prefer. I've got so many of these rings n my wish list now, I'll definitely be adding some more sparkle to my collection!

*I was kindly sent this for review but as always all thoughts are 100% my own



  1. I love your nails! And that's such a lovely ring.

  2. What a stunning ring! I never really Wear jewelry either. I find it always get's in the way somehow, or the clasp of the necklace get's stuck in my hair. Your nails look amazing as well.
    Very put together.

    Loevens makeup rambles

  3. Oh wow that is really pretty, the colour of the stone is amazing x