Friday, 16 January 2015

Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs

I love to have a tan, I think I just look a lot healthier with one. I always like to put some fake tan on the night before an event but sometimes I'm just too tired/ have just put new bed sheets on/don't have someone around to do my back! This only means a last minute application is needed or I embrace the pale. 

Pale and interesting just doesn't work with me, so Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs (£7.99 from Superdrug) came to the rescue.


I won this in a giveaway and I'm really glad I got to try it. In the past I haven't been keen on instant wash-off tans, I worry about something being spilt on me or it starting to rain ... or what if I get a bit sweaty?! I was pleased to see this one is water resistant.

Application is pretty simple, you just apply it to where you want a bit of colour, making sure your skin is clean and moisturised.

Shake the can for 20 seconds and then to avoid any mess just spray it right on to the mitt - you don't want to be cleaning your furniture straight afterwards! Use the mitt to evenly buff the tan into your skin.

I admit the initial colour scared me at first. It is very.. terracotta! But it soon blended in to a golden tan. I recommend you use a little at a time and blend blend blend!


I was really pleased with the colour and my legs looked airbrushed. It
evens out the skin tone and cover imperfections.

This is a before and after - look how my pale legs look like a corpse! 


It really is splash proof too. I was bathing my son a few hours after applying the tan and it was only natural I'd end up with a few splashes and after having a damp child sat on my lap there still wasn't any sign of the tan smearing. Winner!

To remove the you just use soapy water and rinse it off.


I'm glad I got to give this a go, Cocoa Brown can do no wrong! 
I've been so impressed with their products in the last year. I can see this coming in really handy when I'm wearing a cut-out dress and notice my sides are a little too white to be on show. I find that a lot in the summer when arms and legs are out a lot more so catch the sun more! -It's going to be a useful product all year round!

What do you think of wash-off tans?

Have you tried lovely legs?



  1. I tan naturally so I don't use products like this but I think it works really well for you! (:

  2. Wow looks great!

  3. I perfect a longer tan than an wash off tan but this looks perfect for a quick tan. Great view!