Saturday, 24 January 2015

Bourjois Mega Liner Ultra Black Review

I admit I've never been a liquid liner kind of girl. It's never really been something I added to my make-up routine. I do seem to find a lot of people either never wear it, or they rely on it and look tired/dead without it. There doesn't seem to be a middle ground for liquid liner.


Well I'm giving the middle ground a go. I'm by no means going to switch to wearing liquid liner every day, but after using the Bourjois Mega Liner I'm definitely going to try the look out a lot more.
The liner is an ultra black take on its original formula and the felt tip angled nib claims to give you precise application along with the option to have a thin line or to opt for a thicker Amy-Winehouse affair.


I was gifted this at the Bourjois event last year and it pretty much sat in my collection until I felt a bit creative the other week. I say creative, I mean lazy, I had a rough nights sleep and I just couldn't be bothered with blending in eyeshadows. Yep, THAT LAZY. I saw my discarded Mega Liner in my stash and thought I'd try a simple sweep of black along my lash line as a quick fix.
Part of me thought this was going to be a mistake, it had been years since I played around with liquid liner and I pictured me giving it a go, getting it all uneven, rubbing it all off and ending up putting in more effort into my make-up that morning than I intended.

Well I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the felt tip liner was to use. I found adding a thick bold line across the lid was so simple and the thickness of the nib make sure it was even. Even adding a flick on the ends was easy as I merely turned the nib slightly for a thinner application. It was done in literally seconds. I even found using the thicker line was just as easy as using the nib on its side to give a thin subtle line.

The ultra black formula really stays black and doesn't come out watery or even a bit grey -which I've found with liners in the past. I hate having to go over a liquid liner more than once -it's usually tricky enough to master the first time round!
 What's more it lasts all day and doesn't smudge, fade or flake at all. 


For £7.49 I think this a great addition to your make up collection, even if you're not sure on liquid liner like I was.

Do you use Liquid liner every day?
What's your go-to liquid liner? 


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