Thursday, 4 December 2014

Umberto Giannini Massive Mousse and 5 in 1 Oil combo

I mentioned Umberto Giannini  in my post on the Bloggers Hub. You might have noticed them on your shelves in Boots, they have really affordable hair products and their styling range in particular is excellent in my opinion.

umberto-giannini-Mend-my Hair-Therapy-Intensive-damage-repair-5-in-1-oil-review

When  I spoke to these guys about my limp hair that went flat too easily they advised me that although letting my hair dry naturally in velcro rollers instead of using any heat was good for my hair, I wasn't going to get the lift I was a after without using a product.

I was also told that I needed to use a lighter oil on the ends of my hair as that was weighing it down. I've sworn by my Macadamia Healing oil for a year now and truly believe it's made my hair stronger but it definitely was a factor in making my hair feel heavy. 

I was sent away with their Glam Hair Sex Bomb Massive Mousse (£6) and the  Mend my Hair Therapy Intensive damage repair 5 in 1 oil (7.99) to try. With my fine hair I'm a massive fan of hair oils but mousse is something that makes me think of big crunchy 80's hair or girls at school that slicked their hair back into the tightest scrunchy ponytail. 

They recommended mixing the two together which was a completely new concept to me. But I trusted them, they seem to know their stuff -after my hair was transformed into big bouncy curls in minutes on the night I was sure of this!

When I next washed my hair I towel dried my hair and split it into 2 sections. The bottom of my hair is ok but the top half needs a little more care as it gets more damaged so I always apply oil in two parts so I can concentrate more on the top section.

I applied a pump of the oil to the ends which helps to Strengthen and repair, conceal split ends and tame and control which really helps with my fine flyaway hair. You can also do the same on dry hair but use it sparingly as you don't want your hair to look greasy.

I then went to work on the interesting combo I'd been told about.


I added a small pump of oil on top of the mousse, it resembled the insides of a  cream egg 'til I rubbed it in and it all dissolved into the oil.

I added it to the roots and blow dried my hair as usual and the lift I got was amazing! It lasted a hell of a lot longer than usual too. As long as it is distributed evenly there was no hardness or build up and the oil left my hair really soft and shiny. Mixing the two products together gave me great shine and excellent hold -the two things I'm always after!

I used the oil and mousse a separate time with my sleep in rollers and it really held the lift the next day so you can still get away with not using heat.


That's two ways to use the oil but given the '5 in 1' title I'm sure you're wondering what else it can do... 
Well, if you apply it to the ends of  your hair about 15 minutes before shampooing it will help prevent natural oils being stripped from the ends of the hair, making them dry and brittle. You can also use a little  oil on dry hair to smooth down frizz and also slather it all over your hair and leave it on overnight for an intensive treatment which leaves your hair really nourished.

I now use my Macadamia oil as more of a treatment or if I don't mind sacrificing a little lift to my hair but this great combination is something I'm going to be doing for a long time! It's definitely changed my mind on how I feel about hair mousse! I'm so glad I was told about this!

Have you tried any Umberto Giannini products before? Let me know if there's anything you recommend.


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