Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Revlon Pinstripe nails and Zazzy name bracelet

I've got 2 great products to show you in this post. One is a great little tool to help create great nail art at home. The other is a personalised bracelet.

firstly the nail polish, the name says it all Revlon shiny matte nail enamel (£7.99) gives you exactly what is says -one matte polish for a base and a shiny metallic polish for adding details on top. I have shade 510 Pinstripe which is a dark navy and light silvery blue.

The combination of the two colours and finishes is lovely and I'm so impressed with how easy this look was to create. 


You just paint the nail with the matte shade which looks glossy at first but I assure you it dries matte almost instantly. I only needed to apply one coat for a great base. Then you can get on to designing on top of it using the thin nail art brush that accompanies the metallic blue shade.


The brush makes it nice and easy to be precise so you can be as artistic as you like, though I kept it very simple for my first try with simple pinstripes. I think they look great and even with my not so steady hand I don't think I did too badly! you could even add stripes on top in the other direction for a diamond effect and there's the option of adding a glossy top coat if you're not a fan of a matte finish.


The bracelet* I'm wearing is from an amazing little place called Zazzy -they use 3D printers to create personalised jewellery for you. 

I chose the Wordplay bracelet as I really love the look of the black cord but there is an option to chose a gold chain if you prefer.

It's so easy to design yourself, you choose the colour of the cord you like then the colour of the steel you would like your writing printed on. you can pay a bit more for gold plated brass or sterling silver if you want something really special. You can preview your design so you can have a play around with fonts and can even add an icon such as a heart or a star if you so wish. 


This bracelet costs £17.98 with £1.99 for shipping. It's a really great price for something that you couldn't buy on the high street.

Will you be giving pinstripe nails a go for yourself?

*I was kindly gifted this item but all views are 100% my own.



  1. Your nails look amazing! & I love that they use 3D printers for the bracelets :D

    Style Sunrise ☀


    1. Thanks, yea it's such a great idea and they come out brilliantly!

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    1. It really is an excellent product! Thank you, I'm really pleased with them.

  3. I love that bracelet and it's given me an idea for some Xmas presents too! :) The pinstripe nails look really pretty too but I'm not sure I have a steady enough hand for it! xx

    1. I'm glad I helped! My hand isn't steady at all and I'm amazed how straight it looks. It makes it really easy!

  4. Uau!

    Haven't seen these! :O

    Love it.

    Maybe following?

    let me know,


  5. Love the nails and the bracelet!

  6. Totally inspired to try this nail art. So elegant yet funky!


  7. Your nails look amazing. Love the colour combination and matte base. The bracelet is also gorgeous
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise