Saturday, 1 November 2014

October - What I wore, ate, read, watched and used

October has completely whizzed by and it's been a great month. I feel like I've come on a long way on a personal level and this month seemed to be when it reached it's proper turning point. 
It's helped that it's been a hell of a lot warmer than I expected it to be, I often go into Autumn dreading the colder weather but I haven't even had to put my heating on.

Carrying on from my series I started last month here's a little look at how October was for me.

What I wore-

I won this coat from NaaNaa clothing. I resent buying Winter clothes, I actually hate shopping for jumpers etc, I just don't get into it. It's rare I fancy a shopping spree at  this time of year, nothing in the shops really takes me fancy at all. I'm much more of a Summer girl! So to win this coat was actually really helpful. I love the red print and it's not too thick for me so I don't get all hot and stuffy when running about.

 What I ate-


I've been getting a bit creative with cooking lately. I don't like things going to waste so I've been making up my own little concoctions! I made a pasta bake with
leftover bolognese sauce, bits of steak, chicken and peppers. I mixed it all together then sprinkled it with cheese and baked in the oven -it was LUSH!

What I read- 
So my plan to read more didn't really happen. I just haven't found the time. I'm really hoping I can try and start this soon! I think it will do me good to make time to settle down with a book and properly relax. One thing I have been reading lots of is Christmas gift guides! Trying to get organised and work out what I'll be getting everyone (and what I want for myself) is rather enjoyable!

What I watched-

I'm impressed yet slightly ashamed that I managed to watch almost all 6 series of Lost in a month! I say almost because I started watching with my partner when he was a the end of series 1 and I gave up through the weirdness of series 4-5. I kind of dipped in and out of those time travelling parts and let Sam fill me in. I was back for series 6 and to be honest my head is still hurting a bit from trying to get my head around it! A very good show though, it jut might have been easier to understand if I fully watched it all with all of my concentration -but I never was any good at that sort of thing!

What I used -

Another cheek product this month but I've been really loving Bourjois Little Round pot cream blush in 05 Pink Sunwear. I've had this for a while and never thought to use it until recently. I've been a bit worried about using cream blush as they seem a bit cake but I'm glad I gave it a go. It's a bronze/peach shade that gives me the right amount of colour for this time of year. 

We're heading into one of the busiest months of the year for me and I'm looking forward to it. The start of Christmas shopping, birthday celebrations and catching up with friends and family.



  1. You look stunning, I love your coat x

  2. First off - I don't find that shameful about the Lost thing. Gilmore Girls showed up on Netflix (all seasons) and I have basically gone through them all within the month. Basically, because I skipped a few episodes I knew to be a bit of filler. Anyway - with regards to the blush! The packaging looks to be a bit like that new Benefit blush everyone has been talking about recently. Majorette? This looks like a possible dupe!

    Tiff | AMtoPM

    1. I might have to try Gilmore girls next!
      Oh yes! IT does look a bit like Majorette! I might have to see how close a dupe it is!