Friday, 14 November 2014

Make Up Revolution Palettes

Make Up Revolution have been everywhere lately. Well, everywhere apart from any of my local stores! I heard such a buzz about them and I was eager to try some stuff out for myself but I just couldn't get my hands on anything! I know I could order some bits online but I like to have a play with make up before I make a purchase... just me?


When I won a load of Make Up Revolution bits in a Twitter competition I was so pleased I could finally get to see what all the fuss was about.
I received so many gorgeous products I have decided to split up a few reviews so you aren't bombarded with information. 
So today I have 3 palettes from Make Up Revolution's sister brand  Makeup.

First up is the I Heart Passion eyeshadow palette-


I admit my first impression of this palette wasn't great. As lovely as the pink jewel on the front looks, it just felt like it was aimed at someone much younger than me, which made me think the quality wouldn't be too good.

I shouldn't have been so worried, I was met by a range of 16 beautiful pigmented shades which are so easy to work with. 


They are very wearable shades for a night out, so many great deep dark colours to experiment with different smokey eyes, the dark purples and greens would make a smokey eye really special. I'm really Loving the taupe and the plummy shade, I think they are going to be fab for some Christmassy looks!

The next palette is Fast Love which is a large sturdy palette with a lovely big mirror containing 32 exclusive eyeshadows, 10 of which are matte and 22 are shimmery pearl shades.

The great mixture of colourful shades gives you plenty to experiment with. If you're afraid of using a bit of colour I think this is a good place to start as the colours aren’t too out there but they definitely add a little something to an every day look. There's a great vibrant purple and blue to get creative with! The matte shades, although lovely colours were a little harder to work with and some were a little chalky but the pearl shadows were lovely and have a beautiful shimmer to them.


I've saved the best 'til last. UR The Best Thing is very appropriately named as is it my favourite palette of the lot. The gorgeous golden brown shimmer eyeshadows are shades that I know I’d wear a lot. 


All of my go-to shades are there, rose gold, copper, taupe, some lovely light browns and deep golden browns. There’s even a couple of darker blue/great to add if you want to make the look a bit more smokey. 

The palette is the same layout as Fast Love with 22 pearl shadows and 10 matte. and again has the brilliant big mirror, something I always like in a palette.. They are lovely and pigmented and blend brilliantly. If you know a little miss who is lusting over a naked palette then I think this would be a good cheap alternative.


 I'm impressed with these palettes, between the 3 of them I feel like I've got all bases covered and have loads of great shades to last me a long long  time. I can see why there's such a hype behind these brands. 

More reviews from Make up Revolution and I ♥ Make Up to come...



  1. Can't wait for the upcoming reviews! you did a great job, definitely going to check them out :)

    Jennos Health.

  2. Ur The Best Thing looks like such a gorgeous neutral palette! I agree that the heart sticker does look quite young, at least the shades are good :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens