Thursday, 20 November 2014

Bloggers Hub

Earlier this week I popped into Bloggers Hub, a little event put on by Bloggers Love to give us bloggers a chance to mingle and chat with some new brands.


The event was held in Kaneloa on Shoe lane -a prefect road name for me! It's not too far from where I used to work and the area just makes me smile from ear to ear. I have loads of great memories there. Although I live 30 mins away I end up being a complete tourist and snapping pictures along to way!

Already in a great mood as I walked in I was met by a room full of lovely bloggers and fantastic brands. It was a A great chance for me to check out a few brands and meet some other bloggers, something I am really enjoying lately -everyone is so lovely in this community!


After the weather starting to turn a little blustery I walked in a little windswept! I headed straight to the guys at  Umberto Giannini and asked for a bit of help with my unruly barnet! 
I felt rather smug telling them how I'd cut down on using heat on my hair, after years of being told off my hairdressers for straightening my hair to death I thought I'd get instant brownie points but I was told how letting my hair dry in velcro rollers was good, it wasn't going to stay lifted for long without a decent product -which explained why my hair goes flat so often. I was also told how the oil I used on my hair is far too heavy for me. I was gifted a couple of bits and will be doing a full review at a later date -but these guys really know their stuff! Within minutes my hair was transformed into bouncy curls without hours under a blowdryer.


I couldn't miss the bright lipsticks at the  Colour chase Cosmetics table. I'm slowly getting braver when it comes to lipstick and I've moved well away from my usual nude shades and sporting some dark berries and bright pinks. This brand can help you get well out of your comfort zone, producing you with really bright bold colours which are not for the faint hearted!

I had a really in depth chat with the ladies from Gold Collagen which is a liquid beauty supplement that gives you beauty from within. Claiming to hydrate the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and give you healthy skin and nails. It all sounds great and something I think I'm really going to have to look into as I approach my 30's!


I was wowed by Matthew Calvin's beautiful handmade jewellery. I'm like a magpie and when I see something shiny I can help but stop to ooh and ahh. There's a great selection of rose gold pieces which are stunning!


Slendertone  is a brand I've always heard of but to be honest I never thought much about them. I've tended to exercise in the traditional way but after talking to these guys I have found out that these are not made for an easy way out, you're not going to get results using these alone while munching on doritos on the sofa (if only) but they work really well alongside a proper healthy lifestyle. Not only do they have the traditional abs belt that we've all heard of, but they now have shorts to tone your bum and even a face toner! I was kindly gifted an abs belt to try -although intrigued by the bum toner I didn't want to burden you with before and after pics of my derrière while eating your lunch! I'm looking forward to seeing how I get on with it!

The last brand I spoke to were the guys at Sniffy Wiffy. They are such a passionate couple with a great business idea, and help a really great cause too! Their hand lotions smell amazing with so many different scents to choose from. They encourage  everyone to check their breasts using their lotions. It's a really great idea and I was given a gorgeous Orange lotion to try for myself. I'll be posting a separate review soon so look out for that! 

The night wasn't just about the brands, there was the bloggers cafe, a little area for blogging with a camera and iPad so you could have a sit down and get some blogging bits done if you needed to. You could have a manicure but I already had my nails painted so I didn't get mine done.


There was also a chance to decorate some cupcakes with the lovely ladies from Miss Cupcakes  I can honestly say these are the best cupcakes I've tried and I got a few funny looks munching on mine on the packed train home full of city workers!


It was a lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to going along again next week! 



  1. Great write-up! I also went to last week's event and had a great time. I was super impressed with the Sniffy Wiffy products :) X

  2. I didn't get to go to this week's Bloggers Love event, but I should be there for tomorrow's event. :) Can't wait, it's so much fun meeting people and brands at these events. Love the cupcakes from the last event, so cute!

    Olivia x
    Beauty from the Fjord

    1. Bloggers Love know how to put on a great event don't they? It's a shame tonight is the last one

  3. Such a cool idea! Looks fun, wish I lived near something like this. x

    Emily -