Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Bills Restaurant -Breakfast time!


I got really excited when I saw a Bills was coming not just to my town but literally down the road from my house. My new local looked amazing! As I walked past everyday I was intrigued as I saw the place turn from an old empty building to a really trendy looking restaurant!

I went along for a late breakfast (or 'brunch' if you will...) with my son and partner and I really wanted to share my experience.

The decor in the place is gorgeous, it has a bit of a rustic feel without feeling a bit... dirty. Sometimes I get that feeling when places try and do the rustic thing, they go for rustic and just get kind-of dusty instead.

There were jars of sweet treats on the shelves around us which we could buy to take home with us after our meal. More about that in a bit.


We were greeted by 3 diffrerent members of staff who were all so friendly and welcoming. Straight away we were seated and ordered our coffees and orange juice for Mason. He was happy to have his juice served in a 'grown up cup' rather than a beaker or a bottle with a sports cap. Little things make a 2 year old happy.


We ordered 2 adult Breakfasts and one kids breakfast and chatted amongst ourselves for which seemed like a few minutes.

 I always bring a few little toys when we go out so Mason doesn't get restless waiting for food but our food was brought over in no time at all. 

It was the best breakfast I've had in ages. I often feel after a fry up I feel a bit 'bleeeurrrrg' like, uncomfortably full.. full of food and full of regret. This wasn't the case with Bills.  You could tell that they used high quality ingredients, the sausages were amazing and the crusty fresh bread was delicious. 


After our plates were cleared we noticed a paper bag on the table with a list on it, this was a list of the items you could buy to take home. We looked through the great selection of sweets, teas, jams and chutneys and couldn't help but order a packet of bonbons and some oat biscuits for later in the day. It's great that you just tick off what you'd like and hand it to the waiter and they add it to the bill.


Everything was reasonably priced, the food was excellent and the service was amazing. I was really impressed with our trip to Bills and we will definitely be returning.

....and The Oat Biscuits were amazing!!!

Have you been to Bill's Before? What did you think?


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