Monday, 15 September 2014

Triangl Swimwear Strapless Bikini

I've been putting off this review for 2 reasons. 1.) they were everywhere in the height of Summer so I didn't want to add to the 100's of Triangl bikini reviews. 2.) I planned on posting pics of me wearing it and I just couldn't bring myself to put my self out there in next-to-nothing.


So here it is, better late than never and I know a lot of people who are jetting off for one last Summer holiday. Half of the people I know are off to Ibiza next week in fact!   #weljel

I love me a bikini, each summer I buy at least one new one. It's a tradition for me to buy one no matter what. Last year I didn't go on holiday but I made sure I got the wear out of my many bikinis -If you followed me on instagram I documented this with #bikinioftheday! While my baby was napping I got out in the garden to catch some rays and read a book. It was glorious.

 I admit when I was pregnant I was scared I'd never be able to wear one again. I'm lucky to have my figure back and my incessant bikini shopping is going strong.

Triangl have taken the blogging world by storm. You only have to look under the tag on Instagram and you're bound to find a bikini to lust over. When I was contacted to review one I jumped at the chance. The hardest part was deciding on which style to go for, they have so many gorgeous designs to choose from.


You can recognise the Triangl bikinis a mile off. The bright colours with the black trim make them really stand out. There are now also many dupes online. But its not just the style that is lovely, the quality is amazing and thats what I really want to strss in this review. Yes they are expensive but they are worth it. 

This set is $89 (£54) but totally worth the money. I've never been one for buying a cheap primark number, I don't like to risk it going see through or falling apart after one wash. Much like underwear, bikinis are something to invest in to get a good fit. I would normally spend about 25 for top and 15-20 for bottoms, which isn't far off the price of this one and they also send you a matching bag. I've always been a firm believer in 'you get what you pay for'  My bikinis have lasted me years and for good reason!


I chose the Winnie - Miami in mint . It's a favourite colour of mine but I have to say it took me a long time to decide which to go for. I think I will have to invest in a couple more to mix and match with, the neon coral is gorgeous! I chose the strapless design as I don't like to have strep marks when out in the sun.


They are different from any other bikini I've worn,they use neoprene, they feel similar to a wet suit and really comfortable. The material dries so quickly which is very handy.
 There is a clasp on the back which is very sturdy so you know you won't be flashing anyone accidentally! The zip detail on the front is a great touch and it also means you can un-do it from the front if you prefer. I really like the black trim as it really makes the colour pop.


They come up slightly small so I would recommend going up a size to prevent any disappointment, there's nothing worst than a bikini that digs in and makes you look bigger than you are, you can feel self conscious in a bikini at the best of times, so making sure it fits well will help give you a bit more confidence. There is also a live chat on the website to help you out with sizing if you are unsure.

Triangl are an Austalian company but they ship to the UK for free. so their lovely swimwear can be worn all over. It's not just for the fit toned Aussies you know, us Brits can rock  bright bikini too! Order one yourself and let's show them how it's done!

ok there might be one pic of me wearing it!

You can purchase these from their website and if you're spoilt for choice you can check out their Instagram for some inspiration and see which is most 'you'. 


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