Tuesday, 9 September 2014

My creative side....

I really enjoy drawing. I didn't take art at school when perhaps I should have... or maybe that's why I enjoy it so much now -who knows? 


I find it really relaxing and I go off in my own little world. I've always been told it keeps me quiet for a while! 


I love looking back at what I've been doodling over the years and I have a pile of sketchbooks in my bedroom. I don't take it too seriously, I don't think I'm amazing at drawing but I enjoy it a lot. 

There's no real set theme. I draw a lot of glamorous women in my sketchbook, they're usually with big hair and high heels and often based on people I know. 
I like jotting down quotes I like and I really love experimenting with different fonts. 
Recently I've really liked adding pages that are about me so I can look back on it and see how I've changed. At the moment I tend to look at 'sketchbook challenges' for inspiration. Seeing what places I want to travel, what's on my bucket list or what makes me happy is going to be great to look back on. 

I make a lot of cards for people too and I love seeing peoples faces when they're pleased with what I've made them. I'm really picky when it comes to cards so I prefer to make them myself if I find the time. 

When I was asked by Viking to feature some of their stationary I got more excited than I should have. I love stationery, didn't we all love when September rolled around and we headed down to Woolworth for the big 'back to school' stationery shop. A new pencil case for the new year would always set me up and have me feeling like I had my shit together. 

Viking have a ridiculous amount to choose from so I was in my geeky element scrolling through their website. 

"Notebooks and highlighters and pens, OH MY!"

 I was really excited to try  the metallic Edding 1200 pens. These can write on dark or light paper so the possibilities are endless really. They come in a great little tin and write beautifully. The consistency of the ink is like those pens you used to have to shake that smelt funny and ended up leaking everywhere but it feels like writing with a felt tip.


I usually use gel pens for metallic outlines but I can find them a bit temperamental and not distribute ink the whole time but these are perfect. 
I can see these coming in handy for Christmas cards and gift tags.


It was the packaging that excited me with the Stabilo 68 felt tip twister pack pack. There's 19 pens in a little holder that splays out the pens when you twist it for easy access. No pencil case needed! It now lives on my desk so I can just grab one when I like and it has some gorgeous colours to choose from.

 I also have 6 of the Stabilo 68 fibre tip pens in fluorescent colours. These are seriously striking and the great neon colours look excellent against black to make them really pop.



Staedtler triplus fine liners are my go-to pens for drawing. They don't bleed, they give a perfect thin line and the triangular shape of the pen makes it easy to draw with. This pack of 4 comes in a useful carry case too which can be folded over to present them to you for easy access! They will not dry out if the cap is left off which is handy as I found my poor beloved black on on the floor the other day after my son had gotten hold of it. It's still good as new... the same can't be said for my Heat Magazine though...


I was also sent 2 mini Moleskine notebooks in 2 different shades of pink which are perfect for carrying in your bag for notes on the go. I find myself doodling away on train journeys or just getting my thoughts out. These are a fraction of the size (A6) of your usual Moleskine but it still gives you the quality that Moleskine are known for and the pages are easy to rip out of needed. 


Do you like to draw?
Are you a fan of new stationery like me?
Should I do a post on some of the pages in my sketchbook?



  1. I'm the exact same! Paperchase hauling is my favourite. Feeling inspired to dig my fineliners out now! x

  2. stationary and drawing is my lifee! xxx

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  4. You're very talented, your drawings are so good! Love the Stabilo fineliners you got :) xx

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  5. i am too! even tho im not so good at drawing :(