Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Max Factor Glossfinity Candy rose and Desert Sand


These nail polishes were a complete impulse purchase, a complete accident really. I definitely don't need any more nail polish (but do we ever..?!) but I loved the look of the dusky pink shade and when there's an offer to be had I can't refuse it. Especially is said offer is buy one get one half price. 

My trip to Boots was a bit of a flying visit on my way to pick up a few bits in town so this was one time I didn't take ages/weeks trying to decide on a second thing to buy. I told myself I had too many dark nail polishes and that I needed to select something light. Moments before going 'well, I always need a top coat' (boring) I noticed Desert Sand which immediately got added to my basket/hand.


Max Factor isn't a brand I typically go for, I've found the odd gem such as the whipped creme foundation and the Colour Elixir Lipsticks but nothing ever really leaps out and makes me have to run out and purchase it.

I'm not even sure how long these shades have been out, they kind-of slipped under the radar really. Sometimes the best things are the ones that take you by surprise.

It wasn't until I was taking pictures for this review/instagram that I realised how nicely they went together and how fitting they were for this time of year. 


Candy Rose is a dusky pink which is actually a really unique shade to add to my collection. It's a perfect Autumn shade and the shine to it is really impressive. I feel like it's a really 'grown up colour' I'll be wearing this lots over the next couple of months.

Desert Sand (finding numbers in the desert sand, El nombre! ...just me?!... ok) is a really natural polish with a little more colour to it than just wearing a clear coat. It basically improves the look of your natural nails. It's a perfect colour for work or a job interview or even a wedding. I would stay away from wearing it on toes though because mine seemed to make my nails look the exact same colour as my feet and it looked REALLY strange!

They claim to last for 7 days, I never wear the same colour for that long but I did have them on for about 5 days and they were good as new when I came to remove it so they seem pretty long lasting to me. I think I should purchase on a whim more often. 

They cost £5.99 and Boots still have them on 'buy one get one half price.  I really think you should give them a try.



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    1. haha, you can never have too many nail polishes, that's what I say (and probably why I have so many!)


  2. Wow these nail polishes look amazing, definitely an underrated product! The finish looks incredible, and the colours are perfect for now. I'm definitely going to check these out in Boots! Thanks for sharing! x

    1. It was a complete stab in the dark with this one, I didn't even swatch it in the store, but I love them! I'll definitely be looking out for more shades x

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