Monday, 22 September 2014

Lost My Name books

When I heard about the Lost my Name books I immediately wanted one for Mason. He's just started getting excited about books and I love personalised products.
This is a great way to get children in to reading. Making the story about them is such a good way to keep their attention.  It's nice to have something you can keep and look back on when they are done reading it too. The great thing with this book is I know he will love it for years.


After receiving 'The Little Boy Who Lost His Name' book I saw the owners on Dragons den and watching them pitch the idea and they made it so clear this was an excellent product. The dragons weren't too impressed at first but when met with books with their children names in them it really touched a nerve and made it feel like something very special.

And that's the main point of this book, adding the personalised aspect makes it pull at the heart strings and the child can feel part of the story.

The book is A4 sized and printed on thick environmentally friendly paper. Some have suggested it would be nicer if it was a hard back book but I don't think that matters at all. The book is of very good quality.

It starts with a lovely personalised message at the beginning of the book to really engage the reader.

It's a story of a little boy or girl who wakes up to discover their name is missing from their bedroom door and they go on an adventure to find it.


Each book unique to each owner  as they find their way through the book to discover more letters meeting characters along the way. Each character gives the child a letter to help them before *spoiler alert* the name is compete.


It's aimed at 2-6 year olds but is something you will keep forever. 
I ended up loving Mason's  book so much I had to order one for his best friend Ellie-Rose and it was lovely to compare the girls 'The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name' to the boy's version. The illustrations are eye catching and one thing I love about it is there's no gender stereotyping. The boys still meet characters such as mermaids and girls meet robots. The only real difference to the books (apart from the title obviously) is the colour of the front  and the main character. They don't feel the need to make the girls only meet princesses and fairies or boys with pirates and robots. This also makes them great to read to other members of the family.

You can have any name between 3 and  12 letters. They are the same price no matter how long the name is and if the name is short the story is padded out with more details of the journey so no child is missing out. 

It's such a great idea for a gift. We even ended up being given another by Mason's Grandad and family so now we have a spare in case he damages it in some way.

You get to preview the book before you place your order  so you get a great idea of the story. It was really lovely to read through the story with my partner before even having the book in our hands.

Visit the website to order one yourself. Shipping is free and you can Use the code ETPR56D3 for 15% off 




  1. These books look lovely and great idea to have their own name in it and help them to recognise