Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Leighton Denny Colour and Go Manicure pen Monochrome

At the Bloggers Love event I was drawn to the lovely shiny nail polishes by Leighton Denny. I admit this wasn't a brand I was too familiar with so I was pleased when I was given the chance to take home one of the colour and go manicure pen duos in exchange for a tweet.


I decided to give the Monochrome duo a go. As it's getting colder I tend to push my pastel polishes to the side for a bit in favour of blacks and navy's and I love me a bit of monochrome!

With a black polish I personally think it either needs to be completely matte or really shiny - there's no in-between. This black shade named 'Maneater' really gives an amazing shine. it's so sleek and glossy and I think it looks really sophisticated. 


The great thing with these duos is the other end of the stick has a great top coat to completely transform the look. To accompany Maneater there is the shade 'Surf'. On it's own it looks like a shimmery opal colour but once applied on top of the black and you are met with a gorgeous stargazer effect. The particles are pinky-purple and looks completely gorgeous. It's also really fitting for this time of year -going into Autumn with fireworks and all that! 

These are just £8 each which is really reasonable for 2 nail polishes. There are 17 of these to choose from so you're bound to find a colour that's right for you.


I'm so impressed with the polishes from Leighton Denny and I really look forward to trying out some more from the range. I hear the Hollywood collection is a great new addition for Autumn. 

Have you tired any Leighton Denny products? Anything I should check out?



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  2. Wow, the effect is stunning! Was literally just about to buy Maneater online, but you've definitely converted me! I love this brand, I already have almost forty bottles, 4 colour-and-go pens and a dozen minis - not including a whole bunch of treatments, base and top coats, speed dryers, removers, nail art kits, etc, etc! And almost all from QVC UK, presented and demonstrated by Leighton, collections at up to half the price online, as tbh, £11.00 a bottle (although worth it) is quite a bit above my price range! I know I'm gushing, but I'm not sterling, just a huge fan of the products, and of Leighton Denny OBE himself! My advice - if you see it, buy it! Simple as - you'll not regret it...