Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Bourjois New Delice De Poudre Duo and Delice de Poudre Gold

There was a bit of a gold theme in one corner of the Bourjois Summer Party. There were a couple of pretty golden eyeliners and a shimmery lip gloss glowing from a table on the roof terrace of Global Radio in leicester Square. All very lovely products but the two new additions that really got bloggers talking were the bronzing powders.


After the success of the gorgeously scented original, Bourjois have 2 new additions to their Delice De poudre range. Delice De Poudre Duo
Bronzing powder and highlighter and the Delice de poudre Gold bronzing powder.

They both have the delicious chocolate fragrance that all the Bourjois bronzing line come with and they have kept the yummy chocolate bar packaging.

The Delice de poudre gold bronzing powder was the first one I tried, I was drawn to the sparkles! They've added a touch of gold to create a gorgeous shimmering bronzer that looks great on the cheekbones and/or dusted over collarbones and shoulders for a beach-holiday glow.


I had a make-up artist try it on me at the event and it was used as an eyeshadow to compliment my eyeliner.


The bronzer contains fine pearly extracts for added illumination without looking glittery. It's a really subtle golden finish which is just gorgeous!

My favourite of the two has to be the Delice De Poudre Duo Bronzing Powder and Highlighter

Sticking with the chocolate theme (and why not!) they have made this sweet block of gorgeousness a 'double flavour' version. It's split down the middle and separated into two shades to contour and highlight. 


The chocolate matte shade gives the face a natural tan while shading and defininig the contours of the face and they've added a white chocolate shade with a little shimmer to illuminate and sculpt the features.

Contouring has come a long way in the last year and I'm glad bourjois have thought to combine the 2 products that I reach for on a daily basis. It's handy to have it all in one place ...did I mention it smells gorgeous?!


These are to be released on 6th August in Boots and Superdrug and will be £7.99



  1. I love the smell of this range, will definitely be getting my hands on these :) xx


  2. I've always been a big fan of this range, in fact I think this was the first bronzer I ever bought! These two new ones look gorgeous, I'll definitely be having a look when they're out.

    Ellie x agirlcalledeleanor.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Oooh I can't wait to get my hands on these! I love the bronzer and these look even more amazing! :) xx

  4. I have never tried this but have you tried the bronzing primer mousse by Bourjois? It smells very similar and is so lovely. This looks so lovely!

    Emma Louise xx


  5. Always been a Bourjois fan. Bourjois was my first ever brand I bought make up from, and I still continue to do so :D Now I wasn't too excited after swatching the new Rouge Velvet Colours. Was very dissapointed with the colour picks - too bad, I love the Rouge Velvets!
    But the bronzer and highlighter look so interesting! The shades look ideal ! I'm going to have a wander around the Bourjois counter when it comes out! ;)

    Silke Laura x

  6. The gold bronzing powder looks so pretty! I currently use the original delice the poudre and love it so I cant wait to try out these!

    http://meltedglitter.blogspot.com x