Friday, 27 June 2014

My ASOS Sale Wish List

Don't you just love it when the items you have been lusting after go into the sale?! ASOS make it especially easy for me to notice this too as they update the prices in my saved items, and my saved items page is something I look at almost daily! So when I see all the lovely little prices I'm used to seeing turn to green with a cross through them my eyes light up and my bank account gets emptied!

There's an 'up to 50% off' sale at the moment so there are loads of savings to be made, and Summer is still going strong, if it's like the last couple of years the sun will till be here over the next couple of months so there's still time to get plenty of wear out of these gorgeous bits and pieces.

Here's a few things I've been lusting after....

asos sale wish list

This is almost too nice to wear as underwear, under a sheer shirt would look really cute, I really love lilac at the moment!

DKNY heeled flip flop sandals
I'm not one to wear flip flops as you all know I prefer to have a bit of a heel but these are great to add a touch of height without being too much for the beach! 

Nails Inc Latex Effect in Bermondsey Street
I've been searching for a nail colour like this for a while and I've not tried anything from the latex range yet. Nails Inc haven't let me down yet so I have high hopes for this!

I live in these in the Summer, shorts, linen trousers, dungarees, skirts...they work with everything! And this is a massive favourite colour of mine. It's such a bargain too!

I watched Clueless the other week and this dress ended up in my saved items the next day... I just can't work out why!

Now here is a Summer heel I can work with, great vibrant colour, sturdy straps and wedges are far easier to walk in while on sand and pebbles -trust me!

I really do need another wash bag -I do! Totally an impulse buy but a useful one nonetheless!

Cream midi skirt with sheer hem
I saw a similar one of these at my brothers graduation and I've wanted one ever since, this is a lovely versatile colour too.

The fullness of this skirt it what appeals to me most, I love when you sit down in a skirt and it sort-of gathers around you. It makes me feel very princess-y!

Playsuits are a pain to shop in (changing rooms etc) to go to the toilet in (naked toilet seat-ness is just weird) and to change out of after a few too many but dammit they are cute! Especially in this gorgeous shade of blue!

All-in-all a very impressive sale there ASOS! I can pretty much guarantee I'll be placing an order for a couple of these items very soon!



  1. Ooo, I like the Blue Playsuit! It's gorgeous - Actually, I love all these items. Such great summer picks. I always buy winter things during summer as they're a fraction of the normal price. Xx

    A Topsy Turvy Blog // Casey Chieri

    1. That's such a good idea! I need to look for a few jumpers actually! I might have to add a few more bits to my wish list!

  2. Those sandals are gorgeous, love the colour of them!

    1. and wedges are so comfortable in the Summer too!

  3. Love the pastel-ey colour vibe you have going on! x

    Jottings Of Love


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