Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Neon Nail Polishes -Models Own and Maybelline

Neons are a massive favourite of mine when it comes to nail polish in the Summer. Whenever a brand brings out a neon collection I have to have a look. Even on those dull unexpected Summers days a neon nail will easily brighten things up. 

I found myself out in the garden wearing a neon shade and with the sun shining I have to say it looked great. I was inspired to write a post on some of my favourite neon nail polishes. It's great what the sun can do huh?!

The 2 brands that really have the neon trend nailed (excuse the pun) are Models Own and Maybelline.


I bought the whole Models own Ice Neon range last year and I love them. They are just so bright and the matte finish they give is something a little different from what I'm used to. They have recently released their Polish For Tans and I've only managed to try out one of these due to the Boots and Superdrugs near me only stocking a tiny selection of Models own polishes! -sort it out people!

Maybelline seem to go right under the radar when it comes to nail polish but their neons are great. Their new Color Show Bleached Neons range have the colours I've been after for a long time. They are more of a neon pastel but still bright and really striking.

So these are a few of my favourites that I've been loving lately.

  First is from theModels Own Ice Neon Range in the shade Bubblegum, a neon pink with a matte finish, it almost looks like you've used a a highlighter -but in a good way! Pink Punch is from the same range and has more of a coral tone to it. I love how this range make the lids the same colour as the polish, it makes them much easier to dig out of my collection!


Bubblegum, Pink Punch, Shades

My newest neon is from the Models Own Polish for Tans range in the colour 'Shades' and it quite a hard colour to describe, it's somehow like a pastel pink but imagine a neon light under it.

Bubblegum, Pink Punch, Shades

Sun Flare from the Maybelline Bleached Neons range is like no colour I've tried before, it's so bright and striking. It's a orangy-peach and absolutely gorgeous! coral heat is the other colour I've tried from the range and is also really bright, a coraly-peach that has a bit more of a girly feel to it.

Sun flare, Fuchsia Fever, Coral Heat
A nail polish that I had kind of forgotten about is Fuchsia Fever from Maybelline's Color Show Neon range. While it's not as typically neon as the others it's still a lovely bright purple that looks amazing on tanned toes.

Sun flare, Fuchsia Fever, Coral Heat

All these polishes are on the more affordable end of the market with Models Own's being £5 and Maybelline's only £3.99. you can see why I keep buying more!

 Bubblegum, Pink Punch, Shades, Sun Flare, Fuchsia Fever, Coral Heat

Do you love Neon Nails as much as me?
What are your Favourites? Any that I need to try out?


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