Friday, 23 May 2014

Models Own Purple Glare and Bourjois Blue

It's no secret that I like to buy nail polish, some might say I have a problem... but hey, it's a cheap addiction and not the unhealthiest I can think of!

 Bourjois 1 seconde 26 Blue, Models Own Hypergel Purple Glare

Models Own recently released their Hypergel range and I tested the water with Pink Veneer and my suspected obsession stopped there. As much as the colour and finish was lovely, it never lasted. A day or two and there were chips all over the place, I had a whole nail peeling off in one piece (which gives me a strange satisfaction, I admit) or just... dents in it. I wanted to love Hypergel but I vowed that I wouldn't be purchasing another shade... that was until Models Own upped their game and released the purple of my dreams!

 OK Models Own, you've twisted my arm! I've been looking for a purple shade like this for ages. 


On the way to the til I picked up Bourjois 1 seconde in 26 blue too. not realising til I got home how great they looked together.


These are now two of my favourite nail shades, they both give a great gel-like finish too ...I just wish the Hypergel one lasted a bit longer!

I'll definitely be trying out some more of the Bourjois 1 Seconde range though, great staying power, really lovely formula and the size of the brush makes it really easy to apply quickly.


Have you tried any of the new Models Own Hypergels?

What other colours do you recommend from the Bourjois 1 Seconde range?



  1. The Bourjois one is soooo nice... And so I add another thing to my ever growing 'to buy' list xxx

    x Maria x

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  3. The colors are beautiful separately and even more beautiful paired together. Such a great mix an perfect for the season.