Monday, 19 May 2014

Friends Print from iposters

When I'm at a loose end I can often find myself killing (far too much) time browsing Pinterest. We've all done it, clicking through boards and re-pinning DIY ideas you'll never try, work-outs that you'll never do and adding more and more things to 'My Wish List'. Suddenly hours have passed and you start to wonder what you are doing with your life...


Well one night I was doing just that and I came across a great picture that really grabbed my attention. Being a big fan of the show 'Friends' this picture with quotes from the show stood out to me. I found myself smiling to myself as I said each quote in my head complete with the voice to match. Friends is my internal screensaver in my head so this was really easy for me! It's one of those shows you can watch again and again and even when it's just on in the background it never fails to make me laugh. I don't think there's a show more quotable than Friends.


 Clicking on the image took me to the iposters website and I found so many great posters and prints to look through. I have lots of friends who are big film and TV fans and I made a mental note to come back to this when Christmas is approaching.

 Whether you like retro prints, superheros, films, art, tv, music, sport...  there really is an excuse for me to use the cliche phrase 'there's something for everyone!'. There are some lovely bits for kids rooms too so I'm very tempted to order something for Mason, he's a huge Toy Story fan and they have great selection of Pixar prints. 

I admit that posters are something I haven't really had in my house for a few years, but I do find framing them makes them a little more acceptable for a grown-up house rather than the Student-look of a curled up poster pinned to the wall by the corners. However, any print can also be purchased as cork notice board, magnetic notice board and can be float mounted. There are also mugs, metal signs and wall art as well as having the option to laminate or frame the posters too. So there are loads of options if a regular poster isn't your thing but you just love the look of the print!
Their wooden wall art is gorgeous, I really recommend you have a look through those.

Although there were many designs I loved the look of I chose the Friends infographc as it was the print that first brought me to the website and as a big Friends fan it really appealed to me. It's something so different from any other Friends poster I've seen and the quotes make it a lot more fun. It's something that any fan of Friends will totally 'get' and I can see it being a great talking point when we have people over. 

Mine is a cork board that also came with pins but I don't think I can bring myself to put a pin through it, I love it so much it seems a shame to cover it up! The quality is great too, I've tried to get a good close up so you can see how it looks.

You only have to look at the feedback on the site to see this is a great place to buy really interesting bits for your home and their customer service really is excellent. I was contacted each step of the way to let me know what stage my order was at and when to expect my delivery. It only took 4 days to get to me, and delivery is free to anywhere in the UK.

You can purchase from the website but they also sell on eBay, Amazon and Play if you prefer to order from there. Prices start at a tiny £5.99 so I really recommend you have a look!

*Although I was this item my thoughts are 100% my own



  1. Your artwork came out gorgeous, will have a look.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

  2. Love this Friends poster!! Been re watching Friends recently never fails to cheer me up!! Adele x

  3. I absolutely adore friends - I totally get what you mean by it being your internal screensaver. I always find myself thinking 'what would they do in Friends?'. I will definitely have to get this poster! Great post :) xx