Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan - Dark Review

It's no secret that I'm a lover of a fake tan. I used to use sunbeds which I found so relaxing and gave me a lovely base for holidays but I don't have the time anymore and I know how bad they are for my skin, especially as I get closer to the big 3-0. Fake tanning has been the way to go, especially as fake tans seem to be getting better and better.


I'd always seen Cocoa Brown on other blogs but as it was a bit of a Primark exclusive I never bought myself a bottle. I really don't like going to Primark unless it's (a) early and very quiet (b) extremely necessary. I just don't like it in there, I'm sorry, I'm a terrible blogger!

Superdrug have recently started stocking them and Cocoa Brown have released a dark version of their 1 hour tan for Superdrug's 50th birthday. I prefer my tan to be dark so this was great, now was the time to give Cocoa Brown a go and add another tan to my huge collection!


I'd not tried any other 1 hour tans before so I was eager to try this out. So eager that I put it on as soon as I got home, normally I set aside and evening for tanning and sleep in it but this couldn't wait, I needed to try it NOW!

My pale legs before...

I pumped some tan on the mitt and blended it in. I find that sometimes even when using a mitt I end up with orange hands as it seeps through but this wasn't the case. You don't need to soak the mitt with product and it applies excellently, you only need a couple of pumps for each limb. The guide colour makes it easy to know where it's been applied which means you can sort out any streaks straight away. 

The smell is lovely, it's quite sweet and not like any tan I've smelt before. Though the smell goes away completely once it's dry so even if it was awful it wouldn't matter. It's just another thing that ticks the boxes for me!

You can wash the tan off after an hour or leave it on for longer to get a darker result. As I said I like my tan dark so I planned to leave it on.... Just not as long as I did!  I forgot it was on and after 5 hours and being nowhere near a shower I started to panic. Luckily it stops developing after 3 hours and I was thankful that  I was left with a lovely golden brown colour and I wasn't going darker and darker by the minute!

Tan after washing off

The tan lasted a week, of course this was with moisturising and exfoliating so it faded naturally.

A one hour tan is perfect for this time of year as I'm always going to put on a dress and having to change my mind as my legs are looking too pasty! With this I can slap some on when I get up, have a cup of tea then wash it off before getting dressed! Awesome.

It the more affordable end of the tanning spectrum at £6.99 for 100ml it's really worth giving a go.



  1. It looks like an amazing colour. I did chuckle at your reasons for Primark ha xx