Sunday, 6 April 2014

Spring Nail Trends

There are some great nail trends this Spring and I wanted to share a few that I've been loving. Here's my favourite Spring 2014 Nail trends.


If done correctly this can looks extremely sleek. It's nice and bright without adding any real colour, that way it goes with everything.  Personally, I think it's best kept on slightly shorter nails and I think a touch of sparkle is the key to make it look less ... Tippex-y.


Thankfully not each individual nail - Pinterest gave us unrealistic expectations of that, amiright?! But ombre throughout the whole hand. for me it's a great way of using all those nail polishes that are almost exactly the same! ...and a great excuse to buy more! 


Matchy Matchy
Oh! I do love to match my nails to what I'm wearing -and often my phone case and duvet cover it seems. I guess I'm just inspired by my surroundings. Shoes, bags, whatever, it just makes me smile when things go together. 


Neon Tips
This is  a great way of wearing neon without being too out there. We can't always look like we're going to a rave (do people who rave wear neon nail polish? -probably). Just a touch of something bright on the tips of the fingers over nude nails looks pretty good if you ask me!


Graduated Glitter
I have a love/hate relationship with glitter, I love to pile it on, but I hate to remove it. I swear if I was rich I would employ someone who's job would be to remove it for me! But a touch of glitter can look so good and if you just want to add a touch of sparkle letting the glitter get sparser as it meets the tip makes it more subtle -plus then there's less to remove which is a result!


Hexagonal tips
This one looks harder than it actually is, trust me. It might even be easier than a straight tip as you do it in 2 parts. 2 short lines at an angle and you're good to go. This took me minutes. MINUTES. It's a nice little twist on the classic manicure.


Of course I'll be rocking the usual brights and pastels but I'll be giving some more of these babies a go. Will you be trying out any of the Spring nail trends?



  1. Those pink polka dot them!

  2. My fav this season has to be ombre. I love my blue polishes, I must get them out and give it a go!

    Emma x

    1. it's a perfect excuse to wear a few more shades

  3. loving these :) thanks for sharing! I'm such a sucker for glitter on my nails...I think oohh, I'll just add a little then I'm like sod it! the whole nail is being covered...I love it, until it comes to removing it.. ooohh what a cow :/ am I right? :) I'm going to try the ombre hand one & the horizontal one too :) xx

    1. glitter can be a right pain can't it?! yes definitely give them a go! x

  4. Love the ombre nails such a gorgeous idea of using several different shades!


    1. it really is! I have so many colours almost the same so this will be a great way to wear them

  5. I so love the look of ombre nails, but I just can't ever do it without making such a mess! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. I love white nails and the graduated glitter is gorgeous; will be trying that one out!! You have lovely nails and some lovely colours you have picked x

    1. thank you! Yes I think you should give them a go!

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