Monday, 28 April 2014

Musical Theatre Tag

I've seen this tag going around and being a big musicals fan I love reading them. In fact I was reading blogs posts when I was feeling really down, I couldn't even buy a pair of shoes to cheer me up as there was nothing I liked online (it's a hard life I know) and reading this tag really perked me up, I popped on the Hairspray soundtrack and I was smiley again in no time - that's the magic of theatre, darling. 

Musicals have been a big part of my life for years. I spent all of my childhood Summers at our holiday home in Sussex, there was a cabaret that did an Andrew Lloyd Webber show so I ended up being word-perfect with songs from a lot of his musicals before I even saw them on stage. I've always lived/worked close to or in London so with the West End on my doorstep I was lucky to be able to take advantage of the amazing shows it has to offer. For me it's a perfect night out. 

So here's a few answers to some musical based questions. Anyone who likes musicals, you should enjoy this, anyone who doesn't.. you might want to skip to another post!


  1. What was the first musical you ever saw?
     Stage-wise, I think it was Saturday night fever for my 13th birthday. Adam Garcia played Tony and I know know the soundtrack word for word. I was sat in the stalls and David and Victoria Beckham were in the box above and to the right of me.  ***exclusive!*** I remember watching David eating a magnum in the interval! And Victoria waved to fans. This made a little 13 year olds day and I became obsessed with the soundtrack and I was always boring my Mum's BeeGees album!   
      If we're talking about a movie, it was Grease, one of my favourite films to this day.

2. What was your favourite musical growing up?
I loved Grease. When I was about 7 I saw a show on TV where someone was singing a song from it and my Mum told me it was her favourite film. From then on I needed to see it and became obsessed. I wrote down the words to the songs, did performances of it with my friends in the school playground and My 21st birthday party was Grease themed. I didn’t see the stage show for years but I actually felt really let down by it, I much prefer the film.

3. Were you ever in a musical?
I was part of the stage crew when our the school did our version of Grease. I was never one for performing in front of people. It’s quite hard to believe now really! All of my best ‘guy friends’ were the T-birds so it was really fun to be a part of. 

4. What was the first musical you saw on Broadway?
For location’s sake let’s say West End instead of Broadway. And that was Saturday Night Fever. I plan to see a show on Broadway at some point in my life though.

5. If you could be any female character in any musical who would you be and why?
Eponine in Les Miserables. I really relate to her (not the dying in the barricades bit) fancying the absolute pants off someone when you can’t have them and you just do anything you can to be near them… ahhhh. I had a bit of a happier ending than she did though. Plus she has great songs!

6. Which male character?
Danny Zuko! I feel I know the part off by heart so it would be an easy choice. Though I did always want to play the part of the Artful Dodger in Oliver when I was younger -I'm not too sure why!

7. Favourite musical song to sing in the shower?
I’m always singing 'On my Own' from Les Miserables or ‘Oh my god you guys’ from Legally Blonde. 'Good morning Baltimore' from Hairspray is an excellent morning choice…. oh there are so many!

8. Who is your favourite theatre actress?
Everyone seems to love Idina Menzel but I’m not a fan, I’m not actually that big a fan of Wicked to be honest (bad memories), Kerry Ellis was amazing in We Will Rock You when I saw it -plus she went to Laines  Theatre Arts which is down the road from me!

9. Actor?
Alfie Boe or Adam Garcia. Both amazing for very different reasons!

10. Favorite film adaptation of a musical?
I absolutely adored Les Miserables but Hairspray is great too.

11. What do you think is most underrated musical?
Our House, the musical with songs from the band Madness. It's a great show about different choices a guy makes, very sliding doors and of course very catchy songs!

12. Overrated musical?
It's a very unpopular opinion here but Wicked… (sorry!) There are a couple of good songs but it just didn't do it for me.

13. What musical made you cry?
The Lion king, Les Mis and Our House ....all of them have a Dad that dies.

14. What musical made you laugh?
Avenue Q! It's so so funny! Legally Blonde is very funny too.

15. Are there any musicals you saw and hated?
I was disappointed by Chicago and Grease. Both films are much better. And I won't mention the one with the green lady again but...

16. What musical do you want to see as a film?
I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they turn Wicked into a film. We Will Rock you would be amazing! -I wonder if that will happen now that it's closing...?  I'm really looking forward to the Jersey Boys film when that comes out too.

17. Which musicals are you dying to see?
I Can't Sing, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Book of Mormon.

18. Any movie or book you think should be turned into a musical?
I would love to see Labyrinth turned into a Stage show…imagine it, just imagine it! Please someone make this happen while Bowie is still alive!

19. What is your all time favourite musical?
Les Miserables, Jersey Boys or We Will Rock You

Now I'm going to stick on a musical soundtrack and sing my little heart out!

Do you like musicals? I tag anyone that does to give this a go!... Please let me know if you do, I'd love to have a read!



  1. Oooo I do love a good musical. I am so jealous of how many you have seen. Now I'm in London I'm trying to make my way through them all hehe. I saw The Commitments at the weekend and it was amazing. If you're a Motown lover you'll love it. Also I've heard Matilda is amazing. My brother said it was the best musical he's seen and he's seen a hell of a lot more than me.

    Loved this post hun.
    Hannah xxx

  2. I have to say Wicked is my favourite musical ever and i agree it is overrated!