Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Fashion Wish List for Spring/Summer

You know when you deserve a treat? Well I think I do. I've been through a tough time, I'm getting through it pretty darn well and I've worked my little(ish!) toosh off!

Thankfully my boyfriend agrees and has said he plans to treat me when he gets his promotion next month. This makes for a rather excited Jenn.

I'm an organised soul so I put together a little list to run by him in case he wants to get a couple of bits early... 'spread the cost' and all that!

Want a little look of what's on my list? ...Course ya do!

wish list for spring/summer

Mint Bralet £9.99
I really love this but I'm slightly worried it might be a bit on the risqué side and leave little to the imagination. It won't hurt to try it though....

Nicole Double Layer Mini Dress £35
Nicole Scherzingers range for Missguided is amazing. There are so many pieces I would wear. Her dresses are what caught my eye most and I just love this LBD. Sam and I have been together for 3 years next month so we're hoping to do something special for it. I'll be needing a dress to wear out and this is perfect!

Pink Playsuit £45
Annoyingly this in the petite range so it might be a little short for me but I really love the black contrast on the back and the amazing bright pink colour! 

Origami Lilac Mini dress £24.99
My friend is getting married in a few months and I cannot wait to go! The last few weddings I've been to were horrible and I'm looking forward to this one changing my view on them and finally enjoying them again. I think pastels are definitely the way to go this Summer.

Blue and White Dogtooth print dress £19.99
Another risqué one for me here. The strappy back means I can't wear a bra with it which is a bit daunting to me! I'm hoping the material of the dress is thick enough to hold me properly in some way. It's such a pretty dress though, perfect for Summer BBQs!

Floral Playsuit £39
This isn't normally something I'd go for but I was feeling adventurous and tried it on when on a recent shopping trip with my bestie and we agreed it was super cute! Stepping out of my comfort zone worked!

Pale Pink Leigh Jeans £38
I love my black leigh jeans and I keep meaning to buy some pastel jeans so the fact that Topshop do a range of different colours of these little lovelies is rather excellent. I like how the ripped effect makes them a bit more casual.

Bodycon Mini Dress £40

This is another great black dress by ol' Sherzy. I saw her wearing the white one of these in the TV advert and I fell in love with it, I don't think I can pull off a white dress but the black is definitely something I would wear. Long sleeves, bodycon, cut out's -it's very me.

Pink High Neck Crop Top £14.99
I lived in crop tops last summer,they are so versatile and i love the bandage effect on this pink one.

Mint peeptoe slingbacks £65
It took me a while to decide on which colours of these to choose, there are so many great ones. Honestly I would happily have them in every colour but mint is a massive favourite of mine (I'm sure you can tell!) and I know these will go with loads of things I own.

Mint Cami £14.99
See, mint again! Camis are great for day and night and I really like the details on the straps which makes it a little bit different from other cami's is out there.

Coral Skort £17.99
My white skort got a lot of wear last year and it's already had a few outings over the last few weeks. It's only natural that I pick up another colour for my collection! Coral is one of my favourite colours for Summer so I'll definitely be needing this!

That's a lot of pastels and a lot of mint! I think a Missguided order is first on the agenda!

What's on your Spring Summer Wish List?


  1. Love your wish list ! Love all the pastels...the ripped jeans look is very "in" atm isn't it :) i feel they make legs look a lot slimmer (which is why I won't wear them very much) I have that pink playsuit !! I wore it at a wedding recently it's so girly but you can dress it up with a blazer to look smart. You won't regret getting that if you do.. You've tempted me into shopping ! Damn it woman I'm on a spending ban !! Lol xx

    1. Yea I've never really worn the ripped look but I thought I'd give it a go. I love the pink playsuit but I'm sure it's going to be too short on me! -its a curse having long legs sometimes!

  2. Great picks! I love the look of that floral playsuit and the blue dogtooth dress x

    Telina | Love, Telina

    1. I really need to get the playsuit but the weather needs to brighten up before I can justify it!

  3. love the playsuit!

    from helen at

    ps. there's a little $100 jewellery giveaway on my blog if you fancy a look! Click here.

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  5. Love the pink playsuit!

    1. It's so cute isn't it?! The back detail is gorgeous

  6. I'm totally in love with the floral playsuit! Shame I'm on a spending ban :( Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier :) xx

  7. Great wishlist! Love the pink playsuit and the dogtooth print dress! x

  8. Great wishlist! I love the pink playsuit and the dogtooth print dress! x


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