Thursday, 10 April 2014

Boomf Instagram Marshmallows

The other week I attended the Bloggers love event in Leicester Square. One great brand which really stood out to me was Boomf Marshmallows. A strange name, you might think but it is called so as it's the noise a marshmallow makes when it falls through a letter box! ...think about it.


I love anything personalised. I think having a semi-unique name made me appreciate seeing my name written on something along with all the Sarah's and Lucy's (No offence Sarah and Lucy, your names are beautiful!) and from then on I've loved adding my own pictures to mugs, canvases etc for a personal touch.

So many brands are coming out of the woodwork where they connect with your Instagram account to  turn your pictures on to something amazing. And Boomf's take on this was the marshmallow. Why has nobody thought of this before?!


Ordering your own is so simple to do, through the boomf website you enter your instagram details and up comes all your pictures, you select the 9 pictures you fancy turning into something  sweet and edible and that's that!


They were delivered 2 days later in a box small enough to fit through the letter box and nicely packaged. Though thinking about it, marshmallows kind of pad themselves don't they?! It was nice that I didn't have to wait in to sign for any packages which is always a pain.


My face on a marshmallow, I feel like I've made it.


It took me a while to eat them, eating my own head seemed a bit weird. But I can tell you that they taste great too -though if they didn't it really wouldn't matter, I mean, my face is on a marshmallow! 

These would be so great for weddings, birthdays or baby showers. You can really get creative with a themed Tea Party with these. And they really are a great talking point too!

They £12 cost with free delivery so go and order yours at the Boomf website!


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  1. Oh wow these are brilliant! How has no one thought of these before?! Definitely something I'm putting in my favourites to use for birthdays and such, fantastic idea!