Tuesday, 4 March 2014

My Perfect Imperfections

 I first saw this tag on HB Beauty blog  and have seen other bloggers do it too. It's a great idea for a post and I thought it would be interesting to do. It's easy for us to think of things we would like to change about ourselves, I'd love to say I'm 100% happy with my looks but there's always been something I'd like to change. It's nice to focus on the positives too and so it got me thinking about the things I'd rather live without and the things I'm quite proud of that balance it all out.

the idea is that you list 3 "imperfect" things about yourself that you dislike and then you list 3 "perfect" things about yourself that you are quite happy with. 

The point behind the tag is to show that everyone has hang ups and it's just a case of trying to live with them. Most of the time the things we hate about ourselves aren't even seen by others and it is usually all in your own mind.  

...or in some cases you get nasty blog comments pointing them out to you. But that is a small minority that just have nothing better in their lives! 


Here's my 3 "imperfections" 

I've wanted botox on my forehead since I was 19! It's always been so liney! I still plan to get it as it makes me look so old! I don't get why there has always been so many lines on it. Maybe I just have a very expressive face? Or I'm always looking up..?

I just hate my nose, my side profile is horrible and I'm slowly mastering the art of making it look smaller with the art of contouring! I'm lucky that Mason got his Dad's nose, I wouldn't wish it on anybody.

My skin has suffered over the years due to illness. It's uneven and has awful scarring that I am slowly getting used to. I am so jealous of people with perfectly clear skin.

My 3  "perfections" 

I have to say I quite like my tummy. When I got pregnant I convinced myself it would never be the same again and I was pleasantly surprised that I managed to tone up relatively well and even get some definition to it. It's a part of my body I have on show a lot and I think 'why not'? I'm proud of it and for now I'm making the most of it!

I've been told my legs are quite impressive. I don't really see it myself but it has been said to me quite a bit. I've worn heels every day for as long as I can remember and have always spent my days running around in them which toned up my legs a lot. I'm not really that tall but my legs are pretty long for my body. 

I do really like my eyes. They are a nice blue and I am lucky to have long eye lashes too. 

If you have anything that could help with my imperfection please let me know!
What do you love and loathe about yourself?
If you do this tag too please let me know.



  1. Awww yay I'm glad you did it! I'm jealous of your toned stomach!!!! You really are beautiful!


    Hannah x

    1. Aw thank you!! That's so sweet. It was a fun tag to do, I'm glad I found it! x