Thursday, 6 March 2014

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Stay Fresh 24 Hour Foundation Review

I hadn't seen any adverts for the L'Oreal Infallible Stay Fresh 24 Hour Foundation at all but when I saw the promotional stand for it in Boots I knew I had to try it. Claiming to hide the appearance of fatigue and blemishes without a masking effect, It just seemed right up my street!

Both my home phone and mobile (mobile? Does anyone say mobile anymore...?) have foundation marks on them a lot and my boyfriend always points out how disgusting it is. So when I saw that this foundation didn't transfer either I was extremely tempted to try it! Anything that makes my boyfriend think I'm less disgusting is always a good thing!

For £9.99 it doesn't exactly break the bank and with the 3 for 2 offer on I just had to add it to my basket which started off a bit of a haulBefore even leaving the store it ticked a lot of boxes!


I've been pretty run down lately so I thought this was a good time to try out this foundation due to it's claims of reducing the appearance of fatigue. My dark circles and dull skin needed some help! Something that was going to perk me up and make me look more alive with very little effort is just what I need at the moment.

Typical of L'Oreal the packaging is a glass bottle with a pump dispenser, something I prefer in a foundation as it's hygienic and far less messy than a bottle that the foundation just pours out of. Luckily most brands are moving away from this design, it just made me waste so much of my make up...maybe that was their plan...cheeky!  The sleek square design with the red lid is quite pleasing to the eye too. So far so good, L'Oreal.


There are 8 shades available and I went for 140 right in the middle of the range. I usually wear MAC NC25 and it matches me perfectly.

I applied a few dabs to my face with my fingers and blended using my Real Tecnqnies stippling brush. It blended in really nicely and covered imperfections really well without looking cakey. It's nice and natural and made me look pretty much flawless.

 My skin has a few oily patches and I often find foundation can slide about a bit throughout the day but I didn't find that with this at all. The coverage is excellent. It really does help cover imperfections without the help of any concealer. 

Here's a little before and after... *braces self*

In the bottom pic I am just wearing the foundation, no primer or concealer, no powder -just the foundation alone... I'd say that's some pretty decent coverage (apologies for the gross before picture!- told you I looked tired!)


I'm not sure about the 24 hour claim, I don't think I've ever worn make up for that long but it certainly stays put all day! It's a medium to high coverage foundation but does not feel heavy on the skin at all. Due to the hydrating hyaluron complex it feels light and moisturising on the skin and is fresh all day.

L'Oreal say that this foundation works best with their Studio Secrets Primer so I might give that a go at some point, more than likely when my Benefit Porefessional runs out and I want to try another primer! 

There's the added bonus of SPF18 which is great with the sun finally making an appearance. Overall I'm really impressed with this foundation and I really think if you're looking for high coverage you should give it a go!



  1. This looks great! May have to pick this up when I'm next in

  2. Ah the packaging is so lovely and luxe for a drugstore brand. I definitely want to give this a try, as it sounds so lovely xx

    Gemma //

  3. i do like high coverage so i might give this a go, did it actually not transfer to your phone because that really does annoy me about foundation! x

    1. I havent noticed it transferring at all actually come to think of it! I used to wipe my phone after being on it, but I don't when I'm wearing this

  4. I was almost tempted by this when I went to Boots at the weekend but resisted - now after reading this I want it even more! xx

  5. I was planning on picking up a new bottle of my usual foundation, but now I'm having second thoughts! This sounds great! Loved the post.