Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Why I like Valentines Day

There I said it. I like Valentine's Day! Ok, before you get the flaming torches and pitch forks out just hear me out...

I know it's 'uncool' to actually enjoy Valentine's Day. Generally people who are single hate being around couples and people in couples think "You should be nice to your partner every day of the year"

Sam and I treat each other throughout the year, we go on dates, I cook him his favourite dinner when I know he's has a tough week, we give each other massages, buy each other silly presents, he sends me lovely messages and looks after M while I have a hot bath. I agree you should show your love for your partner anyway, but I think that is just obvious.


 But while I agree, I think that a lot of couples just don't have the time. So many of us have such a busy schedule that it's just not possible to treat every day like Valentine's Day. Especially if you have proper grown-up commitments like looking after children, working overtime, paying rent, doing the food shop, cooking, cleaning etc. It's not always roses and homemade lasagne, sometimes an early night is as romantic as it gets -and I mean a proper early night where you actually sleep!

 I think Valentines Day is a good excuse to set time aside to really treat yourselves. It reminds you to make the effort and have some couple time. It's one day of the year where you  get that little nudge to take some time of from being Mum/Dad/Boss etc and spend some quality time with the person you fell in love with.

It's not just for people in relationships though is it? Rumour has it, it's actually bad luck to sign a Valentine. So it's a perfect excuse to send one to someone you've liked for a while, obviously with the intention of following through with a date of course! Valentine's Day is a great way to bite the bullet and finally ask that person out. With all the love around you, how can they say no?!* 

*they might say no, that's life

In fact, I've always liked Valentine's Day. I actually enjoyed my single ones too. One year my single friends all had a Valentine's meal together, it was a group of girls and guys showing our love for each other! -Or basically just an excuse to get together, dress up, drink wine and eat nice food!

I used to love Valentines Day at school when you'd get picture messages through on your Nokia 3310 (showing my age), notes/cards in your locker and heart shaped lollies left on your desk! It was one of my favourite days. Everyone being mysterious and making people feel a little bit special. There was one girl I remember scowling at everyone with a card in their hand saying it was just a ploy for the card companies to make some money. Of course now she's got a partner she bloody loves it (we all know one, don't we..?!)


I used to work just next to a florist and I'd see this rush of men getting their wives (and sometimes an extra bunch for their mistress! -true story!) a massive, overpriced  bunch of flowers. You know this totally predictable gift will still get them in the good books! 

It's nice seeing strangers walking along with a bunch of flowers and a spring in their step! Is it from their husband? A guy they are seeing? A guy they want to be seeing? Or a stranger? Either way it's brightened their day that someone has made them feel special. Flowers just brighten the place up either way. 

But one thing I am against, the Valentine's Day proposals ...COME ON! You can't think of a day better than that?! It's a big day, put some effort in -Even worse if it's at the top of the Eiffel tower! Each to their own, but I like something a little more personal. 

If you don't like the idea of Valentine's Day, how do you feel about Christmas? Do you think you should show your love for your family everyday of the year so that should be ignored too..? Just asking.



  1. Hey Jenn! Thank you so much for visiting my blog girl! I'm single and I still love Valentine's Day! It's one of my favorite holidays! Any opportunity to each sweets and wear red:)! Following you now on GFC girl!

    1. Exactly! sweets and red everywhere! And loads of pretty flowers, what's not to like?

  2. I like Valentines aswell, have had great ones in couple and as a single. Miss the school days of mystery v-day cards etc!

  3. I love Valentines day, even as a way to pamper yourself! Lovely post!


    1. Exactly, it doesn't always have to be about relationships!

  4. I love Valentines Day, especially this year, I don't know why I'm just more excited for it! My boyfriend complained at the whole 'do we have to do cards' thing and to which I gave him a stern look and said yes! But we're doing it a bit more laid back. He's taking me out to a lovely restaurant where we live and I've brought him a little token something. We're not going all out but we're just looking forward to spending some quality time together this weekend. Plus we both live at home still and my Mum's going away for the weekend so that a bonus too! Hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day Jenn! xo

    Hannah | Glitter and Sparkle

    1. haha! Boys don't seem to understand cards! Sounds like you've got just the right balance, I hope you had a lovely time!

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