Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentines Nails

So it's the week of Valentines Day. After explaining my love for it I felt it was only natural to paint my nails in shades of pink and red.

Please excuse the state of my nails, I was at Centre Parcs at the weekend and the 4 days of swimming and nature took it's toll on them! (look at the poor little baby one!)

Here's a few pics of what I've come up with. It's no secret that I love my nail art pen, it makes it so easy to create different designs. Polka dots are one of my favourites as they are incredibly easy to do and don't require too much of a steady hand.

 This was created using different shades of pink. Models Own Hypergel Pink Veneer, Nails Inc Shoreditch, Revlon Strawberry Cream, and Revlon Plum Seduction. I just dotted on the white with the pen and added a heart on the ring finger. It felt really fitting for Valentines!

Models Own Hypergel, Pink Veneer  / Nails Inc, Shoreditch /  Revlon, Strawberry Cream / Revlon, Plum Seduction

This one was originally with a darker red by the hearts didn't show up as well. I wasn't happy with it so had to start over (don't you hate it when that happens?) I got out my trusty Revlon Red polish and Barry M Nail art pen to carefully draw the hearts. It was much easier with this pen as it feels like a felt tip so you can sort of colour in as you go and it doesn't get all gloopy.

Revlon Red / Barry M Nail Art Pen Black 

I hate feet pictures but I just had to show my toe nails. Doing the design on my feet was relatively easy and it meant I could use the hand I write with to do it. No struggling with a wobbly hand! I Simply painted my nails red and drew on the hearts with the nail art pen.

Revlon Red / Models Own White Nail Art Pen

This one is a bit more subtle. I used Nails Inc Shorditch as the base, added white dots on top and the ring finger is a mix of Models Own Pink Veneer and Shordtich along with a white line to break it up. I used the thin brush of the nail pen to do this one. And I carefully drew on the heart.


Have you tried out any Valentines Nail art? Send your links my way! I'd love to have a look!




  1. they all look so cute ! really must try to do this myself :)


  2. Lovely nail art ideas I relly need to be more creative with mine
    Carrieanne x

  3. I love these, they all look so cute! I love the red with black hearts, so nice! I may just have a little go at doing some now :)


    1. Thank you!
      Yes, give it a go, I was surprised how easy it was! x

  4. they look really nice. xx

  5. oh my god these are all gorgeous! The top nails with the dots are my favourite, but it would never look as neat if I did it myself! xx

    1. Thanks! You'd be surprised, I don't have a very steady hand at all, the nail pen made it really easy.

  6. Oh wow! Great nail designs! So beautiful!
    Your nails are also so long! how do you grow them so strong?!
    Elephant stories and more

    1. Thanks, I don't know really, I've always been pretty lucky and had strong nails!


  7. Oh!! I love all these..
    your pinky is so cute! Haha
    I must try some of these once my nails recuperate...They've all broken :(