Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Deep Heat Muscle Rescue

I'm constantly suffering from a stiff neck and achy shoulders. Lifting Mason takes its toll on me and I'm often seen with a heat pack on me. When Mason was a little baby I got a stiff neck from looking down at him so much when I was feeding him! -How soppy does that sound?!  When I'm sat down at a computer for a long period it can give me a stiff neck too, I'm sure many of you bloggers can relate to that!

I was really intrigued when I saw the muscle rescue range by deep heat. I am familiar with Deep Heat from my more sporty days but I associated it with sports injuries and pulled muscles. When I saw the cream was specifically to relieve neck and shoulder tension I thought it sounded great! 


I was lucky enough to be sent these to try out and they were delivered at the perfect time. My shoulder was aching and my neck was incredibly stiff. I tried out the muscle rescue neck and shoulder cream straight away. Unlike other muscle creams it has a clever applicator, a soft sponge on the end which helps to apply to hard to reach areas. It rubs in nicely and means you don't end up with it on your hands which is great for on the go as you won't need to go and find somewhere to wash your hands straight away. 

 It doesn't smell as strong as the normal deep heat, it smells of rosemary with a slight hint of vanilla so don't expect to smell of a footballers changing room (if that's what you were after!)
It warmed up straight away and really eased the aches I had. You can built it up which makes it hotter so I recommend start with a thin layer and add to it to get a temperature you're happy with. 


The bath soak took me a lot longer to try out. With a 1 year old it's hard to find time for a relaxing bath! When I eventually tried it I was pleasantly surprised how relaxed I was. The smell of rosemary and orange essential oils is lovely and I felt lovely and calm afterwards. I'm not sure I'd purchase the bath soak again as I think it isn't loads better than other ones I've tried but I'd definitely be getting some more of the neck and shoulder cream.

They retail at about £5.50 each and they are available from most pharmacies and supermarkets.(currently boots are doing1/3 off)


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