Tuesday, 14 January 2014

50 Facts about me

This post has been in my drafts for a while. 50 took me a while to think of and I'm sorry if this is a bit of a lengthy post. Make yourself a cup of tea and settle down to learn a little more about me!

1. My name is Jenna, but most people call me Jenn. A friend added the extra N one year on a Christmas card and it just stuck, now If I see Jen spelt with one N I think it looks unfinished.

2. I like to eat salt and vinegar crisps and chocolate together, preferably Mccoys and Galaxy –don’t knock it till you try it!

3. I always trust my instincts, my first impression of someone is 99% always right.

4. I went to 6th form for one day and left when I realised it wasn’t for me and I was just following the crowd.

5. I love anything Disney, just seeing the castle gives me goosebumps!

6. I like the smell of matches and paint. In fact I really like the smell of paint! More than would be considered normal!

7. I still have a teddy called Pinky that I was given the day I was born.

8. My birthday is 11th November (11/11) and 11 is also my lucky number.

9. I eat a lot of ice cubes.

10. I used to have a German Shepherd and I can’t wait til I have a big enough house and garden to have another one.

11. As a child, my Dad nicknamed Jenna-pops… not too sure why.

12. I love going to get my hair done. Someone playing with your hair, making you look pretty while you gossip, read magazines and you are brought tea –what’s not to like?

13. I own a lot of shoes, and only 2 pairs are flat – trainers for working out and a pair of ballet pumps. I'm just more comfortable in heels.


14. I didn't realise I had a fear of fish til I was swimming with Dolphins in Mexico and burst into tears when I saw loads of tiny fish round my feet! The Dolphins didn't bother me at all, but the tiny fish scared the hell out of me. 

15. I’m the only one of my siblings that doesn’t have a middle name. When I was younger I made one up. It was after my Mum's best friend.

16. I once got a blue Smartie stuck up my nose and I thought I was going to die (I was a dramatic child).

17. My hair is naturally pretty curly but I blow-dry it or let it dry in rollers so you’d never know!

18. I hate Facebook and what it has done to the world –far too many people wasting their time reading into things working themselves up and causing unnecessary drama and upset!

19. I love cooking, but I can only cook in a tidy kitchen. I'll never be a 'bung some beige stuff on a tray and shove it in the oven' kind of cook. 

20. I’m definitely more of a dog person, dogs love you for you, cats love you cos you feed them.

21. I’m really bad at finishing drinks, there’s always half full glasses all over the place.

22. I have very traditional values.

23. I have a driving license but I haven’t driven a car in about 3 years. I was born to be driven!

24. I respect honestly. Even if you are a dick, just own it. 

 25. I don’t see the big fuss about bacon! 

 26. My first ever CD was the first Spice Girls album.

27. I love the Beckhams. 

28. I’d love to study psychology, people fascinate me. I'm very good at reading people and working people out quickly. 

29. I grew up with my brothers and (male) cousins so was a bit of a tomboy –something that is so hard to believe now!

30. I’m very creative, I love drawing and making cards/presents for people. Though I didn’t study art at school.

31. We got the idea of the name for our son waaay before we got pregnant (and before we knew he was a Kardashian) after seeing a kid at Victoria station with the name on the back of his shirt and thinking it was nice.

32. I find it so rude when people are on their phones instead of spending time with you. I believe the situation should be treated like this- If it would be rude to get a book out and start reading, it’s rude to get a phone out too. People that stand on their doorsteps glued to their phone are generally angry at the world.

33. My parents aren’t married and I’ve never viewed marriage as overly important to have a good relationship. Marriage seems very disposable these days.

34. The first film I saw at the cinema was The Little Mermaid.

35. I get really irritated watching quiz shows, I hate how they drag it out! Deal or no Deal could be over in 5 minutes if they just got on with  it!

36. I missed a year of school down to illness but still did very well.

37. I’d never really wanted kids before I started seeing Sam, and we had our son 15 months after we got together!


38. I don't like ungrateful people.

39. My favourite Friends character is Ross but I am most like Rachel.

40. I’ve never been to a funeral.

41. I like to analyse my dreams.

42. I never wear my hair up but I always have a hairband on my wrist .

43. I’ve got more and more claustrophobic as I've got older. I often don't realise I'm scared until I'm having a panic attack.

44. I find the Birds Eye Bear really creepy

45. Mass produced art irritates me. I like art to have some meaning, not something that hundreds of others have bought from a stall in Bluewater!

46. I like the smell of ironing, or when the heating is on... I guess that means I like the smell of hot metal!

47. Anything Dad-related will make me cry. Lion King, Armageddon, Dance with my father, Finding Nemo, The bit in Titanic when the man says ‘only for a little while, there will be a boat for the daddies, this is for the mummys and the children’ (oh god I’m welling up as I type!)

48. My favourite flower is a lily. They smell amazing.

49. I cook an excellent steak and a pretty mean omelette. 

50. I own several tracksuits but I never wear them outside. I've worn a couple on long haul flights but I've gotten changed in the toilets!


Phew! 50 is a LOT! But there we go, I hope it wasn't too boring! Well done if you got this far!
Is there anything we have in common?

People that know me, how many did you already know? Any revelations?
If you've done a facts post send me your link, I'd love to have a read!



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    1. ha! it's obviously more common than you think!

  2. It's nice getting to know you! I love to get my hair done, too. If I was a millionaire, I'd have someone on staff to do my hair every day.

    1. yes! I would too! I'd be a very good rich person, I'd spend it so wisely! x

  3. Haha you know I also HATE rudeness!
    Although I'm not too fussed about getting my hair done. Shame really as both my sisters are hairdressers.
    Cute post!
    Katy x

    1. I think a lot of people are put off by the chit chat, I can understand that. But I love having my hair played with!

  4. I love Disney too and I like to analyse my dreams too, they say everything means something- it's really interesting. Also, you shoe collection is gorgeous!


  5. we have a lot in common although when i was younger it was a bead stuck up my nose not a smartie and my preferred chocolate/crisps combo is galaxy with ready salted hula hoops! x

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  7. I am so envious of that shoe collection! Thanks for letting us get to know you a bit better. :)
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  8. I totally get number 2 as I do it myself, but with a twix instead of a galaxy.

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog and reading my favourite places to eat in london post.