Monday, 25 November 2013

Topshop Christmas List - Want Vs Need

I'm so excited about Christmas this year! It's a month away! Can you believe it?! I'm feeling so positive lately and I can just feel this is going to be the best Christmas by far!

I'm going to be around some great people, we have some lovely things planned and I can't wait to give present to the people that have been a total rock to me!
I've also been told to have a look for what I want. While browsing in Topshop the other day I found there was a lot in there that caught my eye. So here's the first of my Christmas Wish lists.

Everything is from Topshop, some things I need, some most things I just want...
I hope it gives you guys a bit of an idea of what to get people or what you might want to add to your list too!
ooh aren't I helpful.....

Topshop Christmas List

1. So I started off quite sensibly, I need some more Leggings, I seem to buy a new pair every time winter rolls around as I get sick of living in jeans. Will I ever find a pair that don't go all baggy??! These Topshop leggings are practical, warm and Topshop is one place I always buy leggings from as the quality of them is great and they last a long time. NEED

2. Still staying relatively close to the need list, this lovely Satin cami. I got a lot of wear out of my bright pink one of these and as it's getting colder I'm wearing peg trouser a lot more on nights out. While they look great with a crop top, a tucked in cami is really nice too and tones it down so it isn't so dressy. I love this silvery blue colour too, I'm hoping it will make the blue of my eyes stand out. NEED 

3. I totally don't need this but I've had my eye on this lace back Playsuit for a while. It's gorgeous!  The back is really beautiful. I love nude colours and it has that elegance that can be a nice change from a little black dress. WANT

4. Now no wish list of mine would be complete without some heels and these Boots are amazing! They are the perfect height and I really like the lace up detail on the front. I can tell myself I need these cos I don't have any lace up boots (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! NEED

5/6. It's always nice to receive underwear as a present, as long as it's the right size. I've lost a lot of weight this year so I actually need to get some more underwear sets, I guess 2 sets might be a bit much to say I need them both so as I already have a set of red undies I'll say the 
Purple Set is a NEED and the lovely Deep Red Lace Set is a WANT

7. Like I said, I lost weight this year and I threw out soooo many pairs of jeans. I kept a couple in case I put it back on or for if/when I get pregnant again but I do need to replace a few. I loved my black Topshop jeans but hate buying the exact same thing again so for a slight change I decided these coated black jeans would be a perfect replacement. And totally on trend this season too! NEED

8. I keep reading such great reviews on Topshop Lipsticks and I have never got round to trying them. Apparently this shade Ohh La La, is a dupe of Mac's Ever hip which looks great and is very wearable! I'd get a lot of use out of it, does that make it a need?.... ok ok ok WANT 

9. My Current cross body bag has served me well, but I found that the lining is ripped inside. I find these bags so handy for going to meet my boyfriend for dinner or a quick drink with the girls, it's just handy for grabbing oyster cards and train tickets out of without digging around in a big bag. So this lovely leather black bag is just what I'm after.  NEED

10. No Christmas stocking is complete without at least one pair of knickers. I must say mine are usually more festive/novelty as my aunty always like to throw in something for comedy value but I stuck to the seasonal colours and when there's an offer like 3 for £10 you just can't say no! Underwear is a basic human right! NEED

Wow I seem to need quite a lot! I've always been told I'm a bad influence when shopping and can convince people they need to buy things they shouldn't! (it's more fun that way!)
Anything from Topshop on your list for Santa?


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