Tuesday, 5 November 2013

My amazing Man

 Last month I decided to start a series of posts on people that mean a lot to me, on their birthday I would dedicate a post to them to let them (and the rest of you) know how they really make me smile. My first post was on my Great Friend Amy and today it's my boyfriends birthday so it's his turn.

Sam and I have been together 2 and a half years and met when we worked together at a photo studio. It was lust at first sight and our attraction grew when we started spending more time together. I fancied him a lot! More than I've ever fancied anyone if I'm honest, there are still moments that I remember him walking past me at work where I practically swooned! I always checked what day he was working to make sure I was dressed nicely that day! I even stopped taking a jacket to work so that in the evening I could borrow his! We would go out in a big group with our friends from work but we'd always end up sat in the corner talking for hours. He fascinated me and we found out we had a crazy amount in common. We both grew up living in pubs, were at the same gigs without knowing, both had November birthdays and our lucky number was even the same (no it wasn't 7... everyones is 7!)  The only thing stopping us taking things further was that we had partners, which untill then we thought we were happy with. It was realising what a connection we had that made us both realise it wasn't the real thing with our current partners. After a couple of messy years and a few drunken kisses we ended up seeing each other. He made me feel more confident about myself  than I ever had been, even in a 3 year relationship I would still hide getting changed, but with Sam I had no worries even after a few weeks.

We spent long evenings in his flat watching films and discussing what we'd call our future children, something that my Mum found very strange as I never wanted kids before, but with him I felt different. I knew from the start this was the real thing. I guess as we had such a good foundation to build our relationship on it just worked. Everything was effortless and even through lots of stresses and strains he made everything seem easy. 

He moved in with me without there even being much of a discussion. after only 6 months of being 'official' we found out I was pregnant. 
It was scary but we knew we'd be great parents together. We grew closer and closer and he made me feel so attractive even through pregnancy. 

A shot from our pregnancy shoot

He comes from a big family so it was no surprise that he is an amazing dad. Even when he's had a tough day at work he's always there to help out and play with Mason to give me a bit of a rest. As much as we love time as a family we make sure we have regular date nights to make sure we get time alone and can focus on being a couple rather than just 'mum and dad'. When we go out for dinner he orders for me which some people wouldn't like but I love it! He usually gets it spot on as he often knows me better than I do, of course sometimes I disagree and choose myself but he never gets offended. 

We laugh together a lot! He has the same silly sense of humour I have that a lot of people don't get. 

 He has the answers to almost everything and even when he doesn't he has a way of making everything better. He puts me in my place when I'm being ridiculous, something no other boyfriend has done, but is something I need! I used to get away with far too much! He'll tell me when I'm wrong, and is so appreciative of things I do for him. Don't get me wrong, we argue from time to time but we always make up and get things sorted. We don't hold a grudge and never go to sleep on an argument. He is my total rock and I'm lucky I have him

Jubilee picnic when I was pregnant 

* I think I should also mention that he picks his feet while watching tv, is really fussy about onions being in his food so picks them out and puts them on the table, spends far too much time in the bathroom and is always looking at his phone but hey, nobody's perfect!



  1. Aww, this is such a sweet post :) Hope your boyfriend has a great birthday!


  2. Hey...he is a very lucky guy too! Having a girlfriend as downright amazing as you gives men a reason to be as lovely as possible...even if I do pick my feet and get fussy with onions! This post made me beam at my desk!