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For yeeeears eyeliner was my go-to Make-Up product. It was always a part of my daily routine. 

At school my blazer pocket would always contain a pot of Vaseline, a pack of Polos and a Rimmel black kohl eyeliner. ALWAYS.

No matter if it was a day look or a night look I always had black eyeliner on, mostly on my waterline, sometimes under the lashes, or sometimes both! Then I grew out of that, I realised it wasn't really an every day look, not only did it make my eyes smaller it really can look too much for everyday -especially when paired with a bright lipstick, which I grew to love a few years later.

I can't believe I used to wear the same make up every day, how boring was I?!

I tried to move on to the liquid eyeliner 'flick' phase but it just never looked right on me. It's only recently I was told by a lovely make up artist Hayley at the Mac counter  that my eyes are actually the wrong shape for a flicky cat-eye look and a more rounded smokey eye suits me more. So girls, if you just cant get it to look right, it might be because your eyes are just the wrong shape...

When lining the top of my eyes I generally use a damp liner brush in some eyeshadow, it creates a softer look and hides a lot more mistakes than a liquid liner pen would. I also stick to more greys and browns now, they seem to suit me more. I keep meaning to invest in a gel liner but I'm wondering if it will just have the same effect...?

I've recently discovered Max Factor Liquid Effect Eyeliner which gives a liquid effect but without the complexity of a liquid liner. I really like it and I love the colours available too. The rich brown shade looks great for Autumn. I love that you have the option to smudge it in and can also use it on the waterline.

My favourite eyeliners are GOSH The Ultimate eyeliner, I like that they are a twist up pencil so no sharpeners are needed and the colour pigmentation is really good. They have a little smudger on the end if you want to go for the blended look or you can just use it on its own for a strong line so it's quite versatile.


Another by Gosh is their Velvet Touch eyeliner which come in 12 great colours which I often use under the bottom lash, the 'Renaissance Gold' being a favourite as it really makes my blue eyes pop. And as they are waterproof they have excellent staying power. I wore these a lot on holiday for a hint of colour by the pool.


When I want a darker look I use  Maybelline Eye Studio Master Kohl liner Pencil on my waterline. It's so soft and really long lasting without ending up all over the place. Maybelline might be my favourite brand for eye products!


When my eyes look a bit tired I brighten them up with a nude Rimmel Scandaleyes pencil on my waterline. It really opens up the eyes and makes them seem bigger and brighter   Unlike the usual white liner this is a lot more natural and more subtle. I don't think many other brands do a nude eye pencil but I really don't see why not, I think it really opens up the eyes and gives a lovely natural look. It's a really creamy texture. Being Rimmel its cheap as chips at £3.99 Plus it's waterproof which is always a bonus!


I just wish all eyeliners would adapt to the twist up technique, I hate sharpening them!

What's your favourite eyeliner?


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