Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My Make-up Journey

Seeing as I have recently decided to feature a lot more lifestyle posts on my blog I thought I'd combine the subjects of lifestyle and beauty and let you know a little bit more on  my experience with make-up over the years.

I'm going to share my make-up journey  from when I first discovered make up to the present day. Luckly (for me) I haven't been able to find any old pictures to show how my make up has changed so hopefully I'll be able to do it justice with my descriptions.

I first started wearing make up when I was about 11. I used to get a lot of it free with Shout magazine and it was usually something by Collection 2000. I seemed to sport pink frosted lips quite a lot. I always had my nails painted and I was often sent to the school office to remove blue nail polish. There may have been the odd bit of body glitter added for school discos! (on a side note, remember hair mascara..?! What was that about?!)

In high school I tended to stick to black kohl eyeliner on the waterline and mascara, maybe adding a bit of grey shadow if I was going somewhere interesting after school. We weren't allowed to wear a lot of make-up so this is probably all I could get away with. I was one of the first to pluck my eyebrows and shave my legs as I was always interested in beauty. From time to time I'd change my eyeliner to a blue or green, just to mix things up a bit, and yes it looked terrible.

As school came to an end I discovered fake tan. Especially when gradual tan moisturisers came in, there was never a time when I wasn't some shade of brown orange. I would put nights aside for work-out dvds and tanning, I'd actually cancel plans to fake tan! On nights out I'd start wearing false lashes too, only ever using the glue that came in the box - they'd fall off by the end of the night!
 I started wearing darker eyeshadows that I'm sure I never blended enough!  It was around this time where I discovered Benefit and being the bronze lover I was, my first purchase was 'You Rebel' followed by Hoola. I still use Hoola to this day but I use it much more sparingly now!

I experimented with my hair a lot, changing from my natural brunette to red (I blame Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls for that decision!), I've been a very dark brown it was almost black and also various shades of blonde. I ruined the condition of my hair using colour from boxes and it's only recently started to recover. I usually changed my make up with it, when I had dark or red hair I'd make sure I was always looking bronzed, I'd put bronzer all over my face. ALL OVER! 

Five years ago I started working for a photography studio and that started my love for Mac. The Make-up artists all used Mac products and it was great seeing the looks they would create with them on the clients every day. We had to look glamorous and it was hard not to when you had clients coming in and having their make-up done professionally, it was only natural that we wanted to look good too. Everyone I worked with was gorgeous so I wanted to look my best. I spent most of my time there and it became the focus of my social life. I would go out after work a lot and I often forgot to take off my make up before bed and if I did I'd use the dreaded face wipes! Late nights meant I need to invest in a good under eye brightener and that's where my beloved YSL Touch Eclat entered my life for the first time.

I now know that skincare is imortant for a good make-up base so I take care of my skin a lot more. I'm still terrible at drinking enough water and I really must start trying as I know hydration is my friend! I always take my make up off if I know I'm not going to be leaving the house again that day and I try to do face masks at least once a week. I make sure my make up brushes get a good clean on a regular basis as I know how much bacteria build up on them.

 Make-up wise,  I now spend more time contouring and highlighting and filling in my eyebrows for a more defined look. I have several shades of foundation so I can match my skin perfectly and not just add fake tan to make my body match my face! I don't wear the same make up everyday as I like to mix it up a bit and experiment with how different colours look together. I focus on my lips more by wearing a bright colour rather than just playing around with different eyeshadows. Regular readers of this blog will know I still love my fake tan but I've kissed goodbye to the patchy orange-toned skin. I keep my make up a lot more organised now too which means a lot more gets used rather than me forgetting about items that are at the bottom of a vanity case.

This isn't a 'TAG' as such but if anyone does a post like this then please let me know in the comments, I'd love to have a read of your make-up journey too!



  1. Hehe your makeup story was so entertaining - I also did the kohl and mascara thing in High School, I looked like a very unconvincing punk at some point!


  2. I really liked this post. It was an interesting read. And hydration is definitely so important when it comes to keeping your skin looking good.