Sunday, 27 October 2013

It's a Love/Hate thing


Recycling old clothes -I love that the tartan trend is back, I found an old tartan skirt from years ago that I'm now wearing all the time, it's so long ago that it was from Bay Trading! I'm so glad I kept it, it's a little on the large side as I was much bigger back then but as it's a wrap around it was easily sorted just by moving the button. Love it!

Face Masks -My skin has been so dry lately so I've been treating myself to a face mask to rehydrate. I love Ark Skincare Age prepare skin purifying Masque which leaves my skin so soft. I also like the Montagne Jeunesse tropical peel of mask, the scent is so fruity and I don't know about you but I find the act of peeling it off so therapeutic, like when you had glue on your fingers at infant school.

New Starts -I've been so stressed and I was having way more down days than usual and I only just realised what was causing it, I was around the wrong type of people. It was like having a toothache, I was just brushing the tooth as normal hoping it would just get better, but the tooth needed extracting. I made a tough decision to move on and people are already noticing a huge difference in me.
 I might blog about this in more detail at some point.

Honeycomb -Galaxy have brought out a bar with honeycomb and it's delicious! Cadbury fingers have new honeycomb ones out too and they are lovely. Basically add honeycomb to anything sweet and it makes it 10 times better! I'm excited that Costa have a honeycomb hot chocolate as
one of their Christmas drinks this year. 

Swings Both Ways -I'm so looking forward to Robbie Williams' new album. It isn't out 'til mid November but I've listened to the previews and it's right up my street! There's a swing version of Robbie's classic 'Supreme' and it's brilliant. I've always been a big Robbie fan, people might think he's arrogant and can't sing but I think he 's amazing and such a great entertainer.


Mom Jeans -I just not see the appeal. I think they look really frumpy and don't show off any figure what so ever. I can't think of a body shape that would suit them. I certainly would look ridiculous!

Dry Lips -I've had terrible chapped lips lately and it's horrible. I've been piling on the Vaseline. It's a good thing that there's products like Revlon  Lip Butters and Maybelline Babylips other wise my lips would be colour-fee this season. It's nice to have something with a colour to it that also moisturises.

 Teething My son's got his molars coming through and he's really suffering, bless him. It's no fun for anyone, I feel really helpless.

Jelly Belly -These Jelly Beans drive me mad, the amount of times I've been casually munching away only to bite into a horrible one. One time I picked out what I thought was cherry when it was in fact, cinnamon. It's not a nice experience, I think I'm scarred for life. Jelly Beans should just be jelly bean flavoured!

What does the Fox Say? -Just... ugh, I have no words.

Don't tell the Bride -I used to really like this show, but I think it's had it's day. It's getting more and more ridiculous with themes and I just find it so hard  to believe when the brides say they love it. I'll start watching again when there's proper tears and tantrums and people telling their deranged grooms where to go!

What have you been Loving/Hating lately?



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    1. they are really good! They go too quickly though!

  2. Whaaaaat, how have I not heard or seen the Cadbury or Galaxy honeycomb chocolates?? I'm loving the Freshers show too. Great blog hun :)

    C x |

    1. thank you! Yea I love a bit of honeycomb! I'll be upset if they stop doing them! I'm tempted to stock up!