Sunday, 13 October 2013

Birthday Wish List...

It takes me a while to get over Summer ending. I'm in denial for the first few weeks, still not taking out a jacket, thinking 'oh if I just put tights on I'll be fine' ...then the other night I felt that horrible cold in my ears (one of my least favourite things about winter!) and I came to terms with it, ok ok ok, it's Autumn now.... *sob*

But it's ok, soon fireworks will be in the sky, I'm quite looking forward to taking Mason to see them this year. And then a week later it's my birthday. I refuse to start ignoring my birthday as I get older. I want to keep celebrating right into my 60's and beyond!

As well as celebrating for about a week (you have to fit in seeing different sets of people so it always has be over a few days at least!) I put together a little Wish List and hope that I'll receive a few lovely bits to make me feel better about turning 28 (eek!)

Firstly is the Topshop Cami in lilac, I have it in pink and I wear it so much I'd love another colour too. Pastels still seem to be about a bit this Autumn so I'll use that as my excuse for not moving over to burgundy's and purples just yet!

As much as I hate layers I should really get a new coat  (which I maaay have just ordered for myself in a size too big as it was in the sale... will see if it fits when it gets here!  I took it back as it isn't as thick as it looks so not as practical as I needed) and this one caught my eye on the New Look website.

I 've been lusting after the new blusher by Benefit Rockateur since my Sugarbomb started to run out. I love Benefit blushers and they last me ages!

I've been meaning to try something by Origins for a while now and after a bit of research and help over twitter during #bbloggers chats I've limited myself to the out of trouble and  drink up masks and the much loved ginzing moisturiser. They all sound great and I think they will do my skin the world of good. Also after browsing the Boots Christmas Catalogue the morning to night set from caught my eye. It could give me a bit of a teaser into a few extra products I wouldn't normally choose.

birthday wish list

If you read my blog regularly you'll know I love my tan and there's a few fake tans I'd love to try out. I've heard such great things about Laurens Way Darker than Dark mousse and have been dying to try it for ages. Also on my 'tans to try' list are St Tropez Darker and Xen Tan Moroccan (dark). If you have any reviews on these please leave your link, I'd love to have a read!

I love a lovely smelling candle and the Yankee Candle in Black Coconut smells amazing. I'm not quite ready for wintery scents just yet! To be fair I love most Yankee Candles, you just can't go wrong (unless its lavender, I hate lavender!)

I really need to get my hands on Alpha H Liquid Gold -I've never heard a bad word about it and although it's expensive I feel it will really be worth it. Botox was going to be on my list but I might give this a go first!

Perfume wise, I need to replace my Boss Orange and who doesn't love a bottle of Chanel? Chanel Coco Mademoiselle is timeless and it's similar to Miss Dior Cherie which is a favourite of mine.

There's not loads of make up I'm after but I really need a good eyeshadow palette for daily use and both Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate Eye Palette and the infamous Naked Palette  have been on my list a while now. Though pricey I know I will get some good use out of them!

Plus, y'know... Mac Vouchers and a few bits from the Disney store wouldn't go a miss....

oh and is the new Bridget Jones book any good?


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