Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A Great Friend

It's my friends birthday today.  It was only when talking to her about how old we've got that I realised how long we've been friends.

We met when both of our families moved onto our street when I was about 9/10 and she was 7/8. Our little brothers became friends, and we bonded as we were only girls. I found her slight welsh accent funny, the way she said Ad-im instead of Adam amazed me. 

We used to roller blade everywhere, play basketball and drink too many slush puppies. We were inseparable,  Saturdays were for shopping, and Sundays were for the Hollyoaks omnibus and laying around in our PJs. She spent pretty much every Summer with my family at the beach in Sussex. That was where we helped teach her to swim and we used to spend our days walking along the beach and eating millions of millions. 

We used to dress up as a young boy (Michael, since you asked) and a grandma to make a sketch show long before the Morgana show was a thing. And thankfully before YouTube, otherwise you'd be in for a treat! 
Hours were spent making up dance routines, and singing along to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. I remember laughing a LOT.
Her taste in music is just as appalling as mine, Whitney, Celine Dion, Steps, 5ive,  A1, basically any bad 90's band, we'd have loved them!

When I got very ill she stuck by me when others gave up caring. She has really been there for me through thick and thin.

We drifted apart after I was with a really possessive boyfriend who didn't like me talking to her. I hate my ex anyway but I hate him most for taking away the years from her I missed out on...maybe it's my own fault for being too weak, I have to take some responsibility for it.

Us both having babies brought us back together again. And it was just like before. We obviously have a lot more going on in our lives now but she 
always asks how I am and what's going on in my life. She knows about every hospital check up I have and takes an interest in everything I tell her. She listens to be rant, gives me advice and makes me laugh when I feel like nobody else can.  I obviously (try to) do the same back to her, she has a great way of telling stories, she's one of those people that can just keep a rooms attention down to the way she speaks.  After seeing her I always feel like we still had SO much to talk about.

I think our sense of humour is what has kept us friends for so long, we're always sending silly pictures, texts or just random thoughts about how the bees are doing...

 Marriage hasn't changed her, neither has having her baby. She always makes time for me, and she's extremely honest, she'll always say if she has a problem. She doesn't try to pretend that being a mum is the easiest thing in the world and will admit when things get tough which reassures me. It's nice to know that when things feel really difficult it's not just you, it's completely normal. She is such a good mum, she's totally my inspiration. She always looks lovely and still looks after her little girl (who is so well behaved and clever) brilliantly. 

She's taught me to be myself, to trust my instincts, stand up for myself, and not to  doubt myself as a mum. Because of her I also know parts of 'All by Myself' by Celine Dion in Spanish "Salgo a buscar...!" which is a skill you can take straight to the bank.

Yes this was a bit of a mushy post for me but sometimes it's nice to write something positive. I'll be back to moaning about rude mums with pushchairs and selfish people soon, don't worry!


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