Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Eye Candy Lashes

I love false lashes. Even though I’ve been told by a few make up artists that my lashes are so long I don’t need them, I can't resist putting them on every now and then. Sometimes they are just needed to complete a look and make you feel a bit more dressed up.
I was excited to try out a brand I hadn’t seen before, Eye Candy. They are handmade from real human hair so they have a great natural look to them. 
It was my brothers graduation yesterday so I thought this was a perfect excuse to try some out. As it was a daytime affair I didn't want to wear anything too drastic so I tried out the 014 from the Volumise range. They are slightly thicker at the ends to create a bit of a smokey eye look with barely any effort at all.


I never like the glue that lashes come with, when are they going to invent a better way to store it? The bottles are always so fiddly, and applying lashes can be fiddly enough. Most of the time I use my Duo lash glue but I used the glue with the pack to give them the full review they deserved.
I kept my make up natural and decided I'd let the lashes do the talking. I applied the glue to the strip and waited about 20-30 seconds so the lash went tacky enough to apply without going all over the place. I lined them up on my eyelid and held them in place to dry.  


They stayed in place really well and lasted about 5 hours. They weren’t too heavy at all which I often find is the case with cheaper lashes but I barely knew I was wearing them. They are handmade and made with hair of the highest quality  which is a nice change from a lot of brands who use plastic, so naturally these felt way more comfortable to wear! The only down side was I felt the ends start to come away from the inner corner towards the end of the day but I think if I used my Duo glue like I usually would then this would solve that problem.
Removing them was extremely easy, they came off well with my L’oreal Micellar water without any irritation at all. They left no sticky residue from the glue either.
These lashes are great, I look forward to trying out some of the other styles!


You can get these lashes from Boots for £5.99


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  2. These look lovely! You look beautiful! xxx