Thursday, 13 June 2013

Summertime Holiday Wish List

Summer was trying to get here wasn't it? We had a good couple of days at least! Now it's like October out there! I think I'm giving up on England for a bit of sun and I'm going to venture abroad for a week for some much needed vitamin D (literally, my doctor says I need vitamin D supplements as do a lot of people at the moment due to the lack of sun -sort it out mother nature!)

While browsing through travel sites I got side-tracked and put together a little holiday wishlist....


1. I love the colour of this bikini. I like to mix and match my tops and bottoms and I have a few I know these will go with. I bet it looks lovely next to sunkissed skin! ahhh to dream.... 
£7.99 for the bottoms and £12.99 for the top is pretty good too, good old H&M!

2. Now I'm not a fan of flats usually but I do always take a pair of flip flops for the beach. Most of the time they are cheap ones or ones that come free with a magazine so I can leave them there. These Havaianas are lovely though so I might be tempted to spend more than a fiver on a pair of something flat!

3. This green dress from Zara is such a nice colour! I think it's really versatile. It's perfect both for holiday sightseeing and also back at home for a BBQ or a picnic. It's only £35.99 too so price per wear will be next to nothing!

4. ahhh I have such regret about this pinafore from Topshop. I tried it on and decided against it, but I really wish I had bought it. I think a holiday is a perfect excuse, right...?

Pinafore Remorse...

5. I like to make sure I have a range of bikinis, I think I end up taking about 10 for a week which is a little obsessive I admit! This strapless bikini is great for banishing strap marks, it also fits in with my mix and match theory too, black goes with everything. I like that it's slightly longer than a normal bikini and I also like that it is in the sale!

6. I always make sure I pack a LBD ready for a romantic meal by the sea. I love how a black dress looks with tanned shoulders, which the straps will show of perfectly. With beachy hair and just the right amount of make up this will be a gorgeous summer evening look.

7. I do already have this Ted Baker Bag in cream and black but I've got so much use out of it I can justify buying it in this lovely mint colour too (plus its in the sale and I cant resist!). I use it as my beach bag due to the waterproof material. It fits loads in and is really sturdy too. 

8. This limited edition coral bikini is just WOW! Look at the sparkle! Imagine it catching the sun ..go on, do it! GORGEOUS! Coral is one of my favourite summer colours so even £30 for the set is justified to me. 

9. I must say I'm loving the crop tops this sumer. Last year I was pregnant si I couldnt get away with them but now I can go nuts! This 'RAD' crop top from New Look had to end up in my basket as my sons middle name is Radley and that was reason enough for me. I like the print in the writing too so it's not as samey as all the 'GEEK' tops out there.  It's a bargain at
£6.99 too!

10. Yes... another River Island bikini but they have such a great selection this year! A simple classic bandeau with a nice bright pop of colour. I really love the zip detail on the bottoms.

Like most, I tend to tone down the make up on holiday, A bit of waterproof mascara and some highlighter is usually enough. I've always used Benefit High Beam and Sun Beam is perfect to add more of a golden glow to your look and really emphasise a tan. I'm hoping that Glamour Mag do a benefit free gift with this baby as an option!

Feel free to send me links to any of your holiday wish lists!
Where are you jetting off to this year?

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