Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Festival Style

I was recently contacted by Charles Clinkard who are running a competition to win a pair of Hunter wellies. With the weather the way it has been lately I think they will be needed! 

All we have to do is pick a pair of Hunters and  create a festival look around them. It's been a few years since I visited a festival but I gave it my best shot. I chose the Black Gloss Hunters and went to work...

Festival Style

I'm loving the dungaree/pinafore trend this season and I think it will work perfectly at a festival. Denim is a great fabric and it makes a change from the usual denim-shorts-and-vest-top-look that I'd normally go for. I've kept it simple with the Topshop pinafore and a New Look crop top. I have this top in several colours already and I love them! I chose red to match the lovely Riri Woo Lipstick from Mac. I don't think you need to go all out at a fesival with make-up so a touch of colour to your lips is all you need to glam up the look a bit.

I was sensible and threw in a varsity jacket to the mix, I know it gets cold in those Summer evenings -hell, its cold all day, let's be honest! So a light jacket it a must in this country -oooh arent I British, moaning about the weather?!

A little satchel is all you need for a few bits and peices, nobody needs to be lugging a massive bag around all day (although a big bag makes a good pillow later in the evening -a little tip there!) I make sure I always have a bottle of water with me to keep me hydrated and being optimistic I'd take some suncream too! You never know! 

Now this look might be dated but I like to team my wellies with knee high socks, it looks cute and adds that tiny bit of warmth to your legs too! 

The look is topped off with Ray Ban Wafarers, even if it is dark and overcast, it just looks right!

Team it all with great friends, good music and a cold drink and you're good to go!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Neon and Pastel Nails

My two favourite nail shades for summer are neons and pastels. I am awful at deciding which colour to paint my nails, I end up changing my mind every few days or I go for a different colour for each nail. It's very rare that my nails are the same colour for very long!

Today I picked up one of Maybellines Neons Color show collection, Fushia Fever. I LOVE this colour! I wouldn't say it's exactly 'neon' but it is nice and bright and definitely a summer colour. It was only £2.99 which was even better! 

Maybelline -Fushia Fever, Essie -Borrowed and Blue

I had newly painted nails with my current favourite pastel Essie's borrowed and blue and as I was so keen to play about with my new nail polish I opted for a diagonal tip on top of it.

I quite like the outcome. It gets me around deciding on whether to go for pastels and neons anyway! I just team them together. I'm off to put some tan on now as I always say 'things look even better with a tan!'

Have you found any great colours to wear together?

Friday, 21 June 2013

What's in my handbag...?

I always love reading these posts, I think it's me being nosey. Does anyone else look at the person in front of them to see what they're buying at the supermarket? Or what the people on the next table are ordering in a restaurant? I put it down to my inquisitive nature!

Money Supermarket are running a competition to win a few lovely goodies just by letting them know what's in our bags and how much everything is actually worth. 

So here's a look at what's in my bag. It's a present from my boyfriend and I've only had it about a week  so I'm still treating it like a baby! Give it time and I'm sure it will be thrown all around the place. A bit like how I was when I first got my iphone, it was put down places so delicately, now it's chucked in my bag! *must be more careful! I'm not 100% how much it cost but I'd imagine around the £30 mark.

As it's fairly new I haven't managed to get it too full of crap just yet, give it time but naturally there are a few receipts and no7 vouchers (they get everywhere don't they?) floating about.

I always end up with loads of different Lipsticks, when clearing out my last bag I counted 9! But for now I've just got Mac Creme D'Nude and Vegas Volt. I always carry around a nude lipstick as it's great for day wear as well as evening and Vegas Volt is a bright coral which I love to brighten up an outfit.

Other make up includes Hoola by Benefit, which I've used for as long as I can remember. Touche Eclat (being a mum, this is a MUST!) a black Maybelline kohl eyeliner and Fit me powder.

I have my money, cards etc in my Ted Baker Purse which I treated myself to a while back, It's a perfect size, has a space for a photo (this is important to me) and has space for coins and just enough pockets for all the cards I have! I don't really carry a lot of cash, not for any real reason, I suppose I just pay on card more. I love this purse, I always have my eye on different colours though! 

Naturally my iphone is usually in there but you all know what they look like plus I used it to take the pic! It's got a purple lifeproof case on it at the moment which was a bit pricey but totally worth it as Mason gets hold of it and I'd be distraught if he broke it! It makes the phone completely waterproof, scratch-proof and can be dropped from great heights without any worry at all.

I always carry around various painkillers, paracetamol etc... I think it's a girl thing.

My favourite thing is my Travalo with my scent, Dior Adict . I used to carry around a whole bottle but this little thing is great for just carrying a small amount and it doesn't weigh your bag down. Plus the thought of losing a £60 bottle of perfume scares me, especially when  don't need the whole bottle with me. The travelo only costs £7 and it's really easy to fill up too, I might do a review on this little beauty soon!

I always carry around a pen... I guess it's just an old habit from when I used to carry around a diary, but now it's all in my phone. You never know when you might need a pen, it's good to be prepared!

Moisturiser-wise, I have a fairly inexpensive tube of  Weleda Skin Food which is great if your skin feels a little dry.

And lastly my ipad, keys and a pack of cherry Airwaves which is the best chewing gum ever if you ask me!

So doing a quick round-up I reckon my bag and it's contents are worth a good £900 which  is a lot more than I thought! It's the gadgets that have bumped that up but It's quite scary how much we all carry around with us without much thought at all. I don't even have any big designer bits so I imagine there's people out there carrying around a lot more than me. They say the average bag is worth £850 in total, so I'm over the average. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on my bag a lot more when I'm out! 

Feel free to send me links to the posts on your bags, I always love having a read!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Summertime Holiday Wish List

Summer was trying to get here wasn't it? We had a good couple of days at least! Now it's like October out there! I think I'm giving up on England for a bit of sun and I'm going to venture abroad for a week for some much needed vitamin D (literally, my doctor says I need vitamin D supplements as do a lot of people at the moment due to the lack of sun -sort it out mother nature!)

While browsing through travel sites I got side-tracked and put together a little holiday wishlist....


1. I love the colour of this bikini. I like to mix and match my tops and bottoms and I have a few I know these will go with. I bet it looks lovely next to sunkissed skin! ahhh to dream.... 
£7.99 for the bottoms and £12.99 for the top is pretty good too, good old H&M!

2. Now I'm not a fan of flats usually but I do always take a pair of flip flops for the beach. Most of the time they are cheap ones or ones that come free with a magazine so I can leave them there. These Havaianas are lovely though so I might be tempted to spend more than a fiver on a pair of something flat!

3. This green dress from Zara is such a nice colour! I think it's really versatile. It's perfect both for holiday sightseeing and also back at home for a BBQ or a picnic. It's only £35.99 too so price per wear will be next to nothing!

4. ahhh I have such regret about this pinafore from Topshop. I tried it on and decided against it, but I really wish I had bought it. I think a holiday is a perfect excuse, right...?

Pinafore Remorse...

5. I like to make sure I have a range of bikinis, I think I end up taking about 10 for a week which is a little obsessive I admit! This strapless bikini is great for banishing strap marks, it also fits in with my mix and match theory too, black goes with everything. I like that it's slightly longer than a normal bikini and I also like that it is in the sale!

6. I always make sure I pack a LBD ready for a romantic meal by the sea. I love how a black dress looks with tanned shoulders, which the straps will show of perfectly. With beachy hair and just the right amount of make up this will be a gorgeous summer evening look.

7. I do already have this Ted Baker Bag in cream and black but I've got so much use out of it I can justify buying it in this lovely mint colour too (plus its in the sale and I cant resist!). I use it as my beach bag due to the waterproof material. It fits loads in and is really sturdy too. 

8. This limited edition coral bikini is just WOW! Look at the sparkle! Imagine it catching the sun ..go on, do it! GORGEOUS! Coral is one of my favourite summer colours so even £30 for the set is justified to me. 

9. I must say I'm loving the crop tops this sumer. Last year I was pregnant si I couldnt get away with them but now I can go nuts! This 'RAD' crop top from New Look had to end up in my basket as my sons middle name is Radley and that was reason enough for me. I like the print in the writing too so it's not as samey as all the 'GEEK' tops out there.  It's a bargain at
£6.99 too!

10. Yes... another River Island bikini but they have such a great selection this year! A simple classic bandeau with a nice bright pop of colour. I really love the zip detail on the bottoms.

Like most, I tend to tone down the make up on holiday, A bit of waterproof mascara and some highlighter is usually enough. I've always used Benefit High Beam and Sun Beam is perfect to add more of a golden glow to your look and really emphasise a tan. I'm hoping that Glamour Mag do a benefit free gift with this baby as an option!

Feel free to send me links to any of your holiday wish lists!
Where are you jetting off to this year?

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Aurelia Skincare Review

 I was really excited to receive a lovely little package from Aurelia Skincare. I'd heard some great things and was really keen to give them a go.  I was sent the Miracle Cleanser and Cell Repair Night oil to try.

Firstly how gorgeous is the packaging...?


That evening I removed my make up with the Miracle Cleanser. It was gorgeous! 
You apply straight to dry skin and rub it in to remove all traces of dirt and make up, then remove using the muslin cloth.


 It's fragranced with Eucalyptus, Chamomile Rosemary and Bergamot which makes it smell a bit like Vix vapour rub, which might be a bit weird for some but I love that smell! It comes with a muslin, but not any old muslin, this is made of bamboo! It feels so soft, like a silk handkerchief and I honestly am converted! I'll never use another muslin again! Rubbing it over my face felt amazing and I could see the make up on it being instantly washed away, it wasn't clinging the material like I find with regular muslin cloths. 

Just after a few wipes I could see my skin was much clearer. 
I had a full face of Mac on that day so I was expecting to have to double cleanse but it wasn't needed, it removed every trace!
I was honestly glowing afterwards and my skin looked so clear and bright. I could see my faint freckles more clearly than before if that's even possible! You get 120ml for £35 which isn't totally unreasonable for a cleanser, especially one this good. It's head and shoulders above any other cleanser I've tried. 

After being so impressed by the miracle cleanser I away I applied the Cell Repair Night Oil straight afterwards. It's a little pricey at £45 for 50ml but I've not tried anything like it.


Your skin naturally repairs overnight and this gorgeous little beauty gives it a real boost. Kalahari oil provides abundant essential fatty acids, Mongongo oil restructures and regenerates the epidermis, Kigelia firms and tones, Baobab delivers precious Omega 3, 6 and 9 and the antioxidant properties of Hibiscus fight free radicals and reduce oxidative stress.

It applies like a dream, for an oil it's not too heavy or greasy, you only a few drops to cover the face. I find it a real treat winding down after a long day by massaging this in, it's very soothing. The smell of  Lavender, Rose, Mandarin and Neroli are so calming. It absorbs well and really hydrates the skin leaving me with a radiant glow with blemishes reduced and redness gone after just a few uses!

I really need to stop falling in love with expensive skincare! This is going to cost me a fortune! But I really am finding that that more you spend, the better the product. It really is worth spending the money when it works!

Have you tried anything from this range?
Can you recommend any other night time repair oils?

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