Thursday, 2 May 2013

Famous Dave's Tanning Mousse Gold Edition Review

Like a lot of people I love to have a tan. I'm a strong believer in the fact that everything looks better with one. I've tried most fake tans out there, and I favour a mousse for ease of application.

I'm rarely 100% happy with the outcome as I like my tan dark, but not orange, I like it to last, to fade evenly and not to be too drying. ( this too much to ask?!)

I apply tan before bed, then in the morning I wash it off in the shower. I like to give it a long time to develop. I often find that the colour I wake up with is what I like, then so much washes off in the shower and I'm almost back to square one! I've been on a mission to find a tan that doesn't do this to me! 

When I heard about Famous Dave's I was confused about the choice of name, it's not your everyday look for a beauty product. But I'd heard some good things through the grapevine and I was dying to try it myself.

The Gold Edition Tanning mousse is their best selling product and is loaded with antioxidants and anti ageing ingredients. It's also paraben free.


I moisturised the relevant areas (elbows, knees, hands, feet...) I let it dry then went to work with the tanning mit. I always get the best results when using a mit, and it means the tan won't stain my hands!

The tan dries very quickly so only use one pump at a time otherwise you really have to work it in, but once you've mastered that it's a dream to apply. No bad smell, no streaking, it is tinted to you can see exactly where you're applying and of course the fact that it is fast drying means you don't walk around all sticky for ages after!

The colour I woke up to in the morning was slightly on the dark side so this time I was hoping that it would tone down a bit in the shower. I got what I wanted. I was left with a gorgeous brown colour with olive undertones so no terracotta look!


To top it off it lasted a good week, even with leg shaving which I often find takes off a good layer of tan. The natural ingredient EHA meant it tanned a deeper layer of the skin and faded evenly too so I didn't go patchy. I moisturise daily anyway so that always helps to make a tan last longer.

this is the tan after about 4 days

I'm so SO impressed with this tan. If you like your tan dark, go for this one! You won't regret it! 
...And if you do, send it my way!

You can get it here for £24.95 for 200ml


  1. Your wedges are AMAZING! xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Thanks! They're from Topshop a few years back. They're really comfortable too!

  2. This sounds really good, the tan looks great :) x