Friday, 5 April 2013

Summer Wish List

Today I've been daydreaming. Daydreaming of that big hot thing in the sky... remember it? And when I daydream I then want to go shopping for such an occasion. This occasion is SUMMER!

I'm not a fan of layers, I hate lugging around a coat so summer is the perfect season for me!
Last Summer I was pregnant and while I didn't get very big at all, I still couldn't really get away with my usual summer wear. I also resisted buying too many new things as I didn't know if I was going to suddenly balloon over night and it would just be a waste. This was torture because I saw so many nice outfits and there were so many lovely pastel shades about!

summer wish list

So this year I'm making up for it. My first purchase may have to be this Minnie Mouse-esque polka-dot crop top from Topshop, perfect with jeans, shorts, a skirt...anything really! 

My best mate had a 'saw these and thought of you' moment and emailed me a link to these shoes from Faith. As they're in the sale I may have to go and try them on, they are definitely my kind of summer shoe so she's got me spot on!

I practically live in a Denim Jacket in the summer and this one from Mango is only £34.99. It might be time to treat myself to a new one as I've had my old one for years!

I've seen the Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine Perfume around (how could you miss it, that amazing bottle is reason enough to buy it!) but I only got round to smelling it today and I love it! It reminds me of a perfume I had years ago on one of my favourite summer holidays! It's such a gorgeous summer scent.

Coral is one of my favourite Summer colours and this Coral Skirt from Miss Selfridge would definitely get a lot of outings! It's cute for day or night and is a really flattering length. 

Now, the Dungarees are what inspired me to do this post. I saw a pic of Molly from the Saturdays in a pair and it looked really cute. After searching for some I came across these ones from New Look, I like how they are a little bit different from the usual style as they have the buttons down the front. It's something really different from what I'd normally go for so I think I'll have to try these on and see how they look.

I recently treated myself to the Models Own Neon Ice collection and I love them so much I'm tempted to go for the the Pastels too. I'm a big fan of pastel nails in the summer and with the full set you could do so many different designs. 

The mint skater skirt from River island is gorgeous and a bargain at £18. I love this colour so much and it looks even better with a tan!

I'm always wearing strapless tops in the summer as I tan quite easily and I hate to have strap marks so it's a good idea to invest in a decent Strapless Bra. This is apparently the best on the market for all sizes. It's £36 and well worth the money

I've wanted a pair of White Jeans for a while and I'm only now thinking I 'might' be able to pull them off. I will have to see, I'm sure I'll get them so dirty but they might look nice for a while at least! 

I like a dark tan and this St topez Dark lotion is next on my list to try. I always find the colours are nice when applied then a lot washes off in the shower and you're almost back to square one! Very frustrating. I hope as this one is marketed as a dark lotion it won't do that.

Every summer I go through a few tubs of BodyShop Coconut Body Butter it's so moisturising and just smells of summer to me! It's also perfect as an aftersun as it really sinks in to the skin.

I need to get a new pair if denim shorts as mine are now too big for me. I strugged to find a pair that didnt show my arse cheeks (I don't like that look!) but these ones from River Island seem to do the trick!

The black Crop top from Topshop isn't particularly summery but I like it all the same. It will make a nice change to a plain black vest top or just add a flash of skin when paired with a high waisted skirt for a night out.

I've got a day of shopping planned with the girls tomorrow so there's definitely going to be a few trying on sessions going on! Fingers crossed the weather changes soon otherwise a lot of really nice summer wear is going to go to waste!


  1. Oh my goodness, love the mint skater skirt!! It's so pretty! I want to get my hands on the pastel shades from Model's Own as well as the Daisy perfume also. And the shoes are just gorgeous(: Great wishlist items! I hope you can get them soon


    1. Thanks! at least I've got til the sun comes out to get them, I wouldn't get much wear out of any of it yet!

  2. The dungarees look so cute. Also really want to try the marc jacobs perfume! x

    1. I treated myself to the dungarees yesterday, only one left in my size -it was a sign!

  3. such a cute blog!!!

    pretty please check out mine its new!! xxx


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