Friday, 26 April 2013

Illamasqua Speckled Review

My boyfriend kindly bought me this for Valentines Day after my  he'd seen me mention it on my blog. I realised I never really got around to showing it off!

Illamasqua brought out this range a few months back, right in time for Easter which made perfect sense as they remind me of Mini Eggs (I miss them already, why don't they sell them all year round!?)

My favourite was the lilac, aptly named 'Speckled'


The consistency is amazing, one coat is enough but go for 2 if you want more speckles.
It's great  that you get a bit of nail art without the effort!

Its great as a quick accent nail too. I teamed it with Essie Cocktail Bling and I plan to put it with a load of my pastel polishes as I know it will match perfectly.

Speckled and Cocktail Bling

My only tiny issue is removing it as the speckles are just like glitter so it takes little more time to take it off. But other than that its a great polish for something a little different this spring.


I think at £14 a bottle I might just stick to the one shade but it is a gorgeous polish! 

Do you own any of this range? If you have a review send it this way! I'd love to see how the other colours look!


  1. That is a really love colour xx

  2. This looks so lovely! Really want to try it :) x

  3. Aww that's so nice of your boyfriend to do that! I need to get mine to start reading my wish list posts hahaha! This colour looks gorgeous & I love the speckled effect xo

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    1. Yea definitely get him to look through your wish lists for present ideas! It's like a subtle letter to santa!