Tuesday, 30 April 2013

How to Prevent and Fix Fake Tanning Disasters

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Fake tanning products can be a fantastic addition to any make-up bag or beauty regime, but the application process can be more than just a little bit tricky! Most tanning disasters are easy to avoid though, and even if you’ve already made the mistake, they can usually be rectified without too much hassle.

Here, we’ll take a look at a few of the most common tanning issues, and provide easy fixes to ensure that you look your best while searching for that bronzed and beautiful look.

Stained clothing

 Tanning products can be very dark when they transfer onto your clothing, and it’s often difficult to shift the stains. To avoid ruining your favourite fashion pieces, dedicate an old outfit that you don’t mind using for your fake tanning sessions. It’s much better to ruin one item than to keep having to throw away your wardrobe!

If you do stain your clothing or bedding, wash them immediately on a very hot wash.

Streaks and blotches
Preparation is the absolute key to a beautiful and lasting fake tan. Follow your usual hair removal procedure the day before application, exfoliate thoroughly, and make sure that you use plenty of your usual moisturiser. This is especially important for dry areas such as elbows and ankles.

Use an exfoliator daily to minimise the problem if you haven’t prepared sufficiently. 

Coloured palms
 Bright orange palms are a common mishap. Thankfully though, they’re pretty easy to prevent. Once you’ve applied your product, wash your hands thoroughly, using a little exfoliator on the palms.

Again, if you’ve missed this important part of your tanning routine, you can deal with the issue by using a good exfoliator.

Quick fading
 Once you’re tanned, you’ll want the keep it looking great for as long as you can. One way to do this is by choosing a product that builds up gradually over time, rather than something that’s intended for just one-off usage. This will allow you to look bronzed all year round, with just one small addition to your daily beauty regime.  

To keep your skin looking great in between applications, moisturise your whole body at least once a day after your shower or bath.

Do you struggle to apply fake tan? Have you got any tips that you’d like to share? 

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  1. Some good tips there xx


    1. hopefully now I won't have any problems again!

  2. I'm fed up of my tan fading so quickly so I'm definitely going to try a gradual tanner instead! One tip I have is to put hand cream on your hands and wrists before applying fake tan. I find that this has helped stop my knuckles and wrists turning orange! :) x


    1. oooh good tip! I always forget about my wrists! They can be a bit tricky