Tuesday, 30 April 2013

How to Prevent and Fix Fake Tanning Disasters

A Guest post by Beaubronz...


Fake tanning products can be a fantastic addition to any make-up bag or beauty regime, but the application process can be more than just a little bit tricky! Most tanning disasters are easy to avoid though, and even if you’ve already made the mistake, they can usually be rectified without too much hassle.

Here, we’ll take a look at a few of the most common tanning issues, and provide easy fixes to ensure that you look your best while searching for that bronzed and beautiful look.

Stained clothing

 Tanning products can be very dark when they transfer onto your clothing, and it’s often difficult to shift the stains. To avoid ruining your favourite fashion pieces, dedicate an old outfit that you don’t mind using for your fake tanning sessions. It’s much better to ruin one item than to keep having to throw away your wardrobe!

If you do stain your clothing or bedding, wash them immediately on a very hot wash.

Streaks and blotches
Preparation is the absolute key to a beautiful and lasting fake tan. Follow your usual hair removal procedure the day before application, exfoliate thoroughly, and make sure that you use plenty of your usual moisturiser. This is especially important for dry areas such as elbows and ankles.

Use an exfoliator daily to minimise the problem if you haven’t prepared sufficiently. 

Coloured palms
 Bright orange palms are a common mishap. Thankfully though, they’re pretty easy to prevent. Once you’ve applied your product, wash your hands thoroughly, using a little exfoliator on the palms.

Again, if you’ve missed this important part of your tanning routine, you can deal with the issue by using a good exfoliator.

Quick fading
 Once you’re tanned, you’ll want the keep it looking great for as long as you can. One way to do this is by choosing a product that builds up gradually over time, rather than something that’s intended for just one-off usage. This will allow you to look bronzed all year round, with just one small addition to your daily beauty regime.  

To keep your skin looking great in between applications, moisturise your whole body at least once a day after your shower or bath.

Do you struggle to apply fake tan? Have you got any tips that you’d like to share? 

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Friday, 26 April 2013

Illamasqua Speckled Review

My boyfriend kindly bought me this for Valentines Day after my  he'd seen me mention it on my blog. I realised I never really got around to showing it off!

Illamasqua brought out this range a few months back, right in time for Easter which made perfect sense as they remind me of Mini Eggs (I miss them already, why don't they sell them all year round!?)

My favourite was the lilac, aptly named 'Speckled'


The consistency is amazing, one coat is enough but go for 2 if you want more speckles.
It's great  that you get a bit of nail art without the effort!

Its great as a quick accent nail too. I teamed it with Essie Cocktail Bling and I plan to put it with a load of my pastel polishes as I know it will match perfectly.

Speckled and Cocktail Bling

My only tiny issue is removing it as the speckles are just like glitter so it takes little more time to take it off. But other than that its a great polish for something a little different this spring.


I think at £14 a bottle I might just stick to the one shade but it is a gorgeous polish! 

Do you own any of this range? If you have a review send it this way! I'd love to see how the other colours look!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

My Favourite Lipsticks

One thing I always treat myself to when I'm out shopping is a new lipstick. I seem to carry so many around with me. I'm forever emptying out my bag and finding a good 7 or 8 in there!

I've never been much of a lipgloss fan due to most of them being really sticky. I hate when the wind blows and your hair gets stuck to your lips! I love how a good lipstick can transform a look so easily.

Here are  a few of my favourites...



 MAC Creme D'Nude -This is my go-to lipstick. It's my perfect nude. It's so wearable, really creamy and works brilliantly with a smokey eye for nights out or with a soft shimmery eye for the daytime. I've gone through about 3 of these and i'll continue to keep repurchasing I'm sure!

MAC Ever Hip -I'm a sucker for nice packaging and I had to by a lipstick with this Spring like pattern all over it. I chose a colour I knew I would get a lot of wear out of. It's a subtle coral colour and pefect to just add a bit of colour to your lips.

NYX India is a a pastel pink which is quite bright, my make up has to be fairly minimal to pull this off. I'm not overwhelmed by the texture of it, if my lips are dry it does show every crack and has to be applied carefully but I love the colour.

MAC Vegas Volt was recommended to me by a make up artist when I was wearing the coral shoes in this post. I love it. It's such a bright coral and perfect for day and night.


A bright red is a must. My favourite is Flirt Alert by Benefit. The staying power is excellent and it's such a nice red, perfect for the 50's pin-up look.

When the Mac Disney Villans range came out I knew I had to purchase something. MAC Amplified Violetta was a colour I've never normally try but when I put it on I had to have it. It's a bonus that it has Sleeping Beauty themed packaging!

Everyone has heard the hype behind Kate Moss 107. I saw it mentioned so many times and the more I saw it the more I knew I had to have it. It's a gorgeous deep red lipstick which I finally bought around Valentines day as it just seemed fitting for the occasion!

That's just a few of my favourites and I'm sure theres so many more to come! 

What are your favourite lipsticks?

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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Things I'm loving

I've had a few down days lately so I thought I'd cheer myself up by focussing on the things I'm currently loving at the moment. PMA and all that...

A Day at the Office
I realised I hadn't read a book since I was pregnant with Mason, which was 8 months ago (awful of me!) so I got 'Day at the Office' by Matt Dunn on my iPad and I've almost finished it in 3 days. It's about a couple that met at work had a bit of a drunken kiss and don't know how to move it along from there. I had to buy it as it's a story very close to home as that's how me and my boyfriend got together! It's a bit of a Tim and Dawn/ Jim and Pam from the Office kind of story, so if you love that sort of thing, give it a go. (Plus it was only 99p in the kindle store!)

Mac Pro Longwear foundation & Real Techniques Stippling Brush
I went for a make over at the Mac counter recently and I went away with a few goodies including the pro longwear foundation which is now my new favourite foundation! It's 'sllliiiightly' too dark for my natural skin tone but I'm always using fake tan which made it a perfect match. Plus I'm hoping by the time the sun gets here (properly) it will match my skin tone perfectly once I get a little colour. The coverage is brilliant and especially when blended in with my real technique Stippling brush which I now couldn't be without.

Adam Hess
My boyfriend always introduces me to lesser known comedians and he took me to a showcase of the acts that are going to be on the next series of Russel Howards Good News. It was in a lovely small venue with big comfy sofas and candles on the tables. It had a definite jazz club vibe, rather than a dingy bar which is what I was expecting if I'm honest. There were 5 comedians and one that really stood out to me was Adam Hess. He's very quick and a bit silly and he had me in stitches. Follow him on twitter @adamhess1 and you'll get an idea of his jokes. My abs had quite a work out from laughing at him. I'm convinced he's  (bold claim alert!) the next big thing in comedy.

"When I sign a card 'Love Adam', it's more of a command..."

Toni & Guy Cleanse and Nourish
I picked up this Toni and Guy Shampoo and Conditioner for fine hair in the Boots 3 for 2 as my boyfriend needed shampoo anyway (it worked out perfectly, an excellent excuse to try a new shampoo when I didnt need any!)
I'm glad I did as it is excellent. It really gives my hair a proper clean and I don't even need to straighten my hair afterwards to smooth it out. 

Famous Dave's Gold Edition Tanning Mousse
I finally got round to trying Famous Dave Gold Edition Tan and I have to say it's the new love of my life. I'll be doing a proper review soon as it deserves it  ...The review is here but trust me, if you like a dark tan, this is for you! 

Pop Tarts
I popped (hehe) into Asda to pick up some baby stuff for Mason as there were some great offers on and of course I had to get myself a treat. In this case they were Cherry Pop Tarts! I used to eat these loads as a kid, they're really taking me back to being 11 again!

Transatlantically Speaking
While this is a little plug for the would-be in-laws, I do genuinely love it. My boyfirend's uncle lives over in the states and has a podcast that puts us Brits up against the Americans in a challenge where they guess one of our words/products and we do the same to them. Have a listen, you'll be amazed how many you get wrong right! 

What are you loving at the moment?

Saturday, 13 April 2013

5 Steps after leaving Facebook

Just last week I deleted my Facebook. It wasn't a hard decision but I wanted to share with you what I have experienced since. 

So I got Facebook back in... oh I don't know, 2007-ish? It wasn't exactly a momentous occasion 'nothing will be as good as Myspace'
And just like everyone else it became a part of my everyday internet regime. Facebook was a word that was used on a daily basis. What was a bit of fun became something we thought about at all occasions. 'Will this picture end up on Facebook?' 'I need a new profile picture' 'Let me just update my status so he knows I'm awake  too...' (come on, admit it!)

I'm glad I didn't have Facebook in my teenage years because even as an adult I see so many childish games and bitchyness. 

"That was awkward, I unfriended her the other day and she just walked past..."

How many arguments have you had over Facebook? Far too many I imagine. There’s just so much over-analysing going on. ‘Why did you like her picture?!!’ In the real world if a friend showed your boyfriend a picture and he went ‘ah it's nice’ would you kick off? Probably not. My point is that real life is different to this online circus.

When I was pregnant I had so many people sharing their opinions on my prgnancy, saying I was too small or generally disagreeing with some of my choices. Some of these were people I hadn't seen in years. In the real world people aren't that blunt with their opinions, Facebook stops people thinking before they type, it makes people think they have to tell you all their thoughts which is odd. I don't really care what Emilie from Ewell has to say about my love life if she can't hold a relationship down herself! 

Being behind a screen leads to a mob mentality, you are faceless, therefore there are no consequences. Cyber bullying is always on the way up. I believe half of these sad people wouldn’t be so tough face to face, they'd just stand on their doorsteps in their dressing gown, smoking and staring, thinking they look intimidating with their dodgy eyebrows and long toes. Behind a screen you can be who ever you want. It terrifies me how many kids commit suicide over bullying through Facebook.

I digress.. never mind the seriousness of certain factors, the drama was too much. I just don't need that drama in my life,  I have TV for that. My first port of call was to delete a load of people and just keep friends who I had actually spoken to in the last year. 

A great test to see if you should even still be 'Facebook Friends' is to ask yourself 'on their birthday, would you text/call them  to wish them happy birthday?' If not they need to go. I found with some people, when I was kindly alerted by Facebook that it was their birthday (the only way 90% of people know it's anyones birthday) I'd go 'well I cant write on their wall, that would be weird.' WHY WERE WE EVEN FRIENDS?

I limited my friends list down to a lovely 65. This was ok for a while but I soon got fed up of constant 'like this if you love your parents' status's, and the links! GOD THE LINKS!
Facebook turned into the guy at the pub who constantly  showed you 'hilarious' youtube videos all night.

It was time to go. And here were the steps that followed...

1. You feel the need to tell people you deleted it
Once that button is pressed and the email is recieved you feel the need to pass on this information. You have a strange sense of pride. I did this in the form of instagram.

yea yea... Instagram are owned by Facebook now. blah blah blah....

2. you realise how much better life is without it and you have to share that too, but get this.. you do it with words REAL words! Actual noises from your vocal chords where people can react to what you're saying rather than just 'like' it.

3. You reconnect with people properly. You have full conversations again. You don't cut someone off when they tell you something by going 'yea I saw it on Facebook...' Just 1 day after I deleted I had a long conversation with someone who I hadn't seen in a while and we spoke in more detail than we ever did when we were Facebook friends.

4. In comes the influx of people who are amazed by your actions 

oh yes they do...

"Why did you delete me?"
"I didn't, I deleted my account"
"WHAT?!! why?"

You'll find when you meet new people they'll ask to add you on facebook and when you tell them you're not on it they'll think there's somthing wrong with you.

5. You will lose touch with people.  Most will be people you really don't care about, the ones you only added to see what they were up to since you last spoke. You typed a polite 'hi, long time! How ya doing...?', when you first accepted but then you just sat back and watched, the online equivalent of curtain twitching. 

 I'm afraid some of the 'good ones' will drift away too. The reason why? The deadly virus that is Facebook has got them. 

Psychological symptoms include:
  • Constant paranioa -over analysing peoples status's '...is this about me'?
  • unwarranted bitterness- writing indirect status's to make themselves feel better in case it was about them
  • Feeling intolerant of others -'look at her status! What an idiot! I hate her!' No way to live and it will only mean you're sad an alone and all your friends and neighbours don't like you. 
  • The urge to share everything -yep, EVERYTHING

physical symtoms include:
  • Neck and finger strains from over usage, scrolling manically with fag stained fingers.
  • Disturbed sleep- 'I'll just check it one more time..' in the middle of the night before you just get angry and bang on the walls in frustration. 

social symtoms include
  • Spending more of your working day online than actually doing your job
  • Taking part in less real life interaction 'at least I can just unfriend you on here...'
  • Constantly playing games in social situations- rather than talk to the people in the room

You know when you have an extreme case then you reach the worst stage-

Not being able to socialise in the real world anymore

People forget how to make a phone call or even hold a conversation without a delete button. The worst affected will crave for there to be a day where you can just put  a thumb up when someone says something and not have to engage in any more interaction than that.

So these people will be like a Sim trapped behind a chair and shrugging. They can't go anywhere. 

"No Facebook? Well there's no way of me contacting them... now let's get back to candy crush saga..."

Sound like you? It might be time to get a hobby, spend some time with that poor boyfriend who just looks broken having to listen to your dramas, or take your child out for the day somewhere. 

I realised I only checked my Facebook out of habit. Every time I picked up my phone it was e-mails, Twitter, Facebook... and nine times out of ten I was just felt sorry for  people on there wanting some kind of significance in their lives and came straight back off. It was like constantly opening and closing the fridge when you're hungry even though you know nothing new is in there. I was a lurker. 
If you're thinking about going for the big delete I recommend moving your Facebook app button onto another page, see if you can break the habit of checking it because it's there. If you can do that.. do you really need Facebook anymore?