Thursday, 21 March 2013

Nails Inc Leather Effect Review

I have to admit I haven’t been too keen on the whole textured nail polish thing. I loved the crackle polish when Barry M first released that but when magnetic followed, then the caviar, then fur, feather, concrete… I have to say it got a bit much for me. I thought “Can’t nails just be nails?!”


But I was swayed when I came across Nails Inc leather effect while doing some late night window shopping on the net while the boys were sleeping.
Before I knew it curiosity got the better of me and I’d clicked 'add to bag' and it was being sent to me in 3 to 5 working days.

I’m a lover of black polish, it's my go-to colour when I'm not feeling too adventurous but don't want to go for nude. Usually a very glossy look is what I go for so this was something pretty different for me. According to my boyfriend I’ve been sporting the ‘rock chick look’ quite a lot lately. I guess leggings, disco pants, leather jackets and boots have been my winter look -and this polish adds to the look perfectly!


So to the nail polish itself. Well it’s Nails inc, I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed, they have always impressed me with the consistency of their polish.The shade is "Noho" which is black with a leather looking texture. The lid of the bottle wowed me from the word go with its faux leather coating. I applied one coat to my nails and I was so impressed. I didn’t have to worry about going over itself like you do with the crackle polishes, I was pretty careless with the application if I'm honest! The results are great! They don’t exactly look like a leather sofa or anything but they definitely have that rock chic look about them! They're certainly something a bit different without being too out there. I’ve never been keen on a matt finish but I do really like how this looks! I was tempted to add a top coat to give them the shine that I'm used to but they advise against that.  I do keep stroking them though, I guess it’s cos I’m used to having glossy nails so it's all new to me!


This will definitely be taking place of my black glossy polish for the time being, at least until it's time to properly crack out the neons and bright corals of summer!



  1. I really really want to try this xx

    1. you should! they do it in red too which looks lovely!

  2. I think I'd find this really weird! I just love smooth nails:) x

    1. yea I'm the same, it took a bit of getting used to!

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  4. All these texture nail polishes are crazy! I tried matte and was blown away haha love your blog(: Now following you, you can check out my blog and follow back if you wish